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A general guide for the best practices of buying Linux games
6 October 2016 at 9:47 am UTC Likes: 1

Hey, buenaventura, you accuse other of trolling, but you didn't do anything else. You are telling everyone that "people should have right to" but you didn't even stopped for a while and told us why should people have right to products of work of other people.

A general guide for the best practices of buying Linux games
6 October 2016 at 9:08 am UTC Likes: 2

Right. Communists. Why should rich people have games? Lets take games from everyone! They everyone will be equal!

Civilization VI for Linux is no longer certain, only a possibility
5 October 2016 at 10:29 am UTC

MicromegasReally disappointing news. Guess, I will buy and try out Stellaris then.

Don't. Its incredibly shallow game that do not know what it wants to be.

It is part storytelling exploration game, part grand strategy, part 4X... but does not do even one of them right. For GS, it lacks meaningful interaction between entities. For 4X, it lacks more complicated content (it has only a bit more complex fighting and technology system from EU4). The exploration storytelling game ends after you discover your nearby 5 star systems, some longer chains later in game are broken, most of stuff you will gain from those quests are either utterly rubbish or single extremely powerful item (which in long run, you don't really need) and if you are really really lucky, you can see some universe catastrophe events, like invasion of extraplanar species or AI rebellion. But only single event like that per game.

Fighting is utterly boring micro, where you are either trying to hunt enemy across systems, which may be quite complicated due to difference in various FTLs and weakness of any system defences (so basically, one can be easily raided by a few ships and war score plumets, even when you have already destroyed all enemy's large fleets). Finally, current technology is quite one-sided as there is single superb weapon system you always need, aim for and with that and sufficient amount, you can destroy even twice larger fleets with easy (even those extraplanar species that are supposed to be treath!)

Sieging planets is utter bullshit as well, as you need to manually take army of land troops, send them near enemy planet, be sure everything is cleared and there is not even single enemy ship, as those troop transports are completely unarmed, send them to enemy planet and if you have larger fleet than can be stationed on planet, you have won. However, your troops are damaged and do not heal, so you have to manually put troops from planet and put them on planet again, or send them home from battle line. I could continue with armies, but it is just horrible and required unnecessary clickfest. + army there are a lot of interesting army technologies, like psi-corps or mutants or war machines, which ultimately do not play almost any role.

Resource management is quite unbalanced as well. Planets are boring and require a lot of clicking. There is supposed something that should help it, as in CKII, you can directly manage only certain number of planets and you need to assign other to sectors. But their management is subpar.

Arg... just... too much systems, too little prototyping, too much wrong. It just does not hold together well enough to have consistent game.

Maybe in 4 DLCs. But hey, I still have 70 hours in it. And before you discover all these problems, it looks amazing (before you start the game for third time and discover that although pictures, traits and planets are different, you are basically playing the same thing again and again and getting basically the same exploration events).

Civilization VI for Linux is no longer certain, only a possibility
5 October 2016 at 12:36 am UTC Likes: 3

Darn. I was waiting for it. Additionally, they say that it will be released for "PC" and they have steam/steamOS logo on their website. But, with current devs, this can mean anything.


'Cossacks 3' officially due on Linux in the second half of October
3 October 2016 at 10:24 am UTC Likes: 1

Some people are just silent;)

Cossacks were good, not great, but good.

Cossacks one were nice strategy were one had to mass units, additionally, fortification actually played huge role, unlike in most RTS where walls and towers usually fall quite fast to enemy units. Even in pre-African Kingdoms Age of Empires, towers werent too strong and most players never bothered to upgrade them from the watchtowers. However, from what I remember, all the things with formations and so were a bit iffy and didn't played that great role at all, which is a bit sad.

Cossacks 2 were good as well, completely different game to one. It was much more tactical, one had to micro much more with individual units. It was not bad game at all, but unfortunately poor reception meant end of series.

Now, there is Cossacks 3, or to be precise, remake of the first one. From what I saw, it is buggy as hell and it seems that a little was improved from the first one, which is quite a sad.

The question is, will devs be able to correct all the bugs so game would be actually good? And will the base game be enough?

It is sad that new RTS are either bad rewash of previous games, where devs show complete incompetence of understanding the basic ideas of how those RTS actually working, remakes or just HD upgrade, plain bad and buggy or attempt at something completely new that is unfortunately not a fun at all or the result is bland, barely playable or actually unoriginal.

Just look at all the Stronghold games, hopelessly attempting to create experience as in the first Stronghold or Stronghold Crusaders.:/

InXile Entertainment announced Wasteland 3, will use crowdfunding on fig
30 September 2016 at 3:14 am UTC

ephemeralcuriosities: I said about THIS PARTICULAR crowdfunding site that it may be scam due to some hairy stuff they are trying to do.

If you are promising something you can't legally provide (and that is the question about FIG), it is technically a scam. So feel free to argue about that.

'Stash: No Loot Left Behind', the new MMO from Frogdice is now available in Early Access
29 September 2016 at 4:29 am UTC

just detail, isn't "The new MMO" kind of nonsense? If MMO stands for "Massive Multiplayer Online" than it lacks the "game", doesn't it?

InXile Entertainment announced Wasteland 3, will use crowdfunding on fig
28 September 2016 at 9:53 pm UTC Likes: 4

Fig? Isn't that one of those nearly illegal stuff that was widely criticized?

'Niche - a genetics survival game' released with Linux support
28 September 2016 at 9:52 pm UTC

nllaa nice grasp of some evolution and genetics concepts. Looking good!
unlike in Spore...