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Linux overall market-share percentage falls on Steam in October
2 November 2016 at 4:37 pm UTC

dmantioneThis month we are showing good market share of 2.72% on W3Counter:
It can no longer be dismissed as noise, one thing that is sure, is that Linux market share has risen in 2016!

We are not talking about Linux users here. We are talking about Linux gamers (or gamers converted from Windows to Linux)! Feel the difference.

While Linux can get more attractive to general user, it is lacking for the gamer. No AAAAAA-titles everyone is speaking about. Only Windows walkthroughs on All friends around are using Windows. Heck, even console emulators! Pick one. Anyone. It has Windows support and Windows builds ready on its site and no Linux builds (if you are lucky, you will find a recomendation to get it from your distribution maintainer; otherwise, search forums for unofficial community builds and hope they will work).

Linux overall market-share percentage falls on Steam in October
2 November 2016 at 4:13 pm UTC

AimelaWell, it's hard to say exactly how accurate this is, considering that some people may have received the hardware survey within Wine or Windows in a dual-boot situation.

I fail to see how this can tamper the purity of the survey. If they get their survey on Windows, then they are Windows users. Even WINE is Windows for all intents and purposes as it increases Windows-only games' audience and thus further discourages developers from working on Linux versions of their games.

Let's just face it: there are no points of growth for Linux at this stage. Ask yourself: "If I'm a gamer and want to play all of the hot best-sellers of the season, what OS should I use?" The answer is evident.

Using Nvidia's NVENC with OBS Studio makes Linux game recording really great
27 October 2016 at 8:14 pm UTC Likes: 1

Yes, it is very useful, but you will need to replace system's ffmpeg with a custom one, which is a hassle, and the card needs to be no less then GeForce GTX 650.

P.S. Lucky for me, I have exactly GeForce GTX 650!

Why Linux games often perform worse than on Windows
27 October 2016 at 7:37 pm UTC

skinnyrafFeral is answering a need.

Yes. "Need"... How appropriate for the case! As greedy water traders selling spoiled water droplets to thristy people in the desert for a steep price. Beggars can not be choosers.

skinnyrafIf Feral's Mad Max or Deus Ex sells despite 20% performance hit, sooner or later one or another developer studio will start developing for Linux, then another.

Why would they? If they can sell outdated products for extra amount of cach while virtually doing nothing (everything in the technical aspect is being handled by porters) then why would they break their workflow and hire extra dedicated Linux programmers or teach Linux existing ones, replace game engines or plugins, enlarge their QA department and burden themselves with support for another platform?

skinnyrafAnd Feral will flop if we don't buy their games because they're parasites, or because games are on Steam only, or because they use D3D->OGL translation.

And if Feral flops that will be Feral's problem, not AAAAAAA-developer's. I believe, AAAAAAA-developers just grant the right to tinker with the game's code and release the port (and to gain some fraction of the money from the port's sales). Developers do not risk anything, do not spend anything and do not care about anything.

Why Linux games often perform worse than on Windows
27 October 2016 at 6:55 pm UTC

Comandante ÑoñardoI thought my opinion about Feral already was rude, but this is... much technically acurate..

Well, it is not that they are outright bad for us. One can see it as some sort of symbiosis. But it is a big fallacy to think that we are obliged to them for our games.

Currently we are (to my delight) past the mark of "I can buy all of the Linux games" point so one must distribute resources.

Developers make games, not porters, so they should be our primary targets of persuasion and support.

Why Linux games often perform worse than on Windows
27 October 2016 at 6:24 pm UTC Likes: 2

skinnyrafNot only we are few, some of Linux users are so self righteous...

What do you propose? To "eat what has been served", ignore sub-par quality and be thankful?

If you are strongly against "parasites" you can call them "middlemen", "mediators", "agents", "port providers", as I proposed. This won't change their role in the ecosystem.

We are supporting Linux gaming however we see fit. There are no enemies here, no sense in rubbing your opinion into others' minds and call them "self-righteous".

Why Linux games often perform worse than on Windows
27 October 2016 at 4:45 pm UTC Likes: 3

The big problem is that the number of Linux-aware developers is not growing as fast as the number of Linux-ported games.

Companies such as Feral and Aspyr are basically parasites. Or "middlemen" if that word is very strong for one's taste; it does not matter how to call them. The only thing that counts is what they do: they are flourishing on the current Windows/Linux disparity. They are not interested in increasing the number of Linux developers (why would they slay their "herd" ) and instead milking money from developers' foolishness and ignorance in tools selection and lack of Linux experience.

It was said multiple times that "Larian did a good port of Divinity: Original Sin". But that is untrue. Larian did not make it. Porters did. Larian itself did not acquire any Linux-related experience so their next installment in the series is again Windows-only.

That's just my opinion (as is this "editorial") ) but I think instead of praising porters for bringing half-working "last winter's snow" games which do not matter because everyone interested in them already played under Windows (or on YouTube :-) ), we should encourage actual developers to release games for Linux at launch day.

Sure, that would be near-impossible to convince AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-developers (sorry, always hated that "big bucks" euphemism) but it is certainly doable for indie devs.

Through the Woods no longer coming to Linux due to platform-specific technology
12 October 2016 at 8:15 pm UTC Likes: 4

Hope the backers will get their pledges back from this scam project.

'Noob Squad' is a perfect example of why Valve need to pay more attention to their own store
9 October 2016 at 6:49 pm UTC Likes: 2

NelOh please stop this bullshit, this has been explained til death...

Are you trying to sell me that porters do not know how much RAM or how recent GPU their port will need?
Sorry, but I do not buy this piece of... smooth talking.

It could pass as truth for "minimum" system requirements but not for recommended. Their "minimum" specs for "SteamOS" far surpass those for "recommended" on Windows.

'Noob Squad' is a perfect example of why Valve need to pay more attention to their own store
9 October 2016 at 5:23 pm UTC

kalinStrange coz I have 231 games for linux and most of them are good and they are ported because valve initiative and the only shity games that I have was from humble bundle indie initiative. Don't get me wrong I'm very gratful to humble bundle but valve is the company with power to make the difference and yes valve make money as I and You there is nothing wrong with that

Sadly, since then Humble Inc. had strayed from the path. Yet, they port something from time to time (more correctly, they contract porters but...). Now their role is mostly over.

GuestActually Valve never claimed any thing, it was their users/fanbase that did.
And to date, Valve have (tried to) do more than anyone else for "gaming" on Linux, and continue to do so slowly but surely.

Some guys just love to seek Messiah. When Valve finally had risen from its throne and descended upon Linux they saw this as a sign of the New Age. Yet, so far I myself did not see anything that great happening and it seems since then Valve lost interest (provided Valve had it in the first place and not just feigned retaliation move towards Microsoft's Windows Store). The only way to shift the balance in our favor is to work harder: reach developers, persuade them, provide them any help possible. Valve will not do this for us.

EhvisBenchmark it. You'll see lower framerates on OpenGL. That's down one thing: DX11 came first and got the best optimisation, then came OpenGL layer that was suboptimal. You can call in anything you want, but the net effect is the same.

Sorry, can't do. I do not own a single Windows machine. But be assured, if the framerate is worse on Linux it is because of poor OpenGL implementation on the Unity3D side. There are (historical) reasons: before that my little fairy tale of "Wasteland 2" Unity3D crew just did not see any reason to support Linux. They only supported MacOS and since MacOS (at that time) was limited to OpenGL 2.0 they initially just slapped Linux support on top of their MacOS support. Hence, Linux OpenGL was equal to Mac's (read -- pretty poor). This has nothing to do with "ports": it's just the way Unity3D is (or was, as in their 5.0 version Unity3D devs introduced OpenGL 4.5 support).

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