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A look at the Penumbra Collection on Linux with Mesa in 2020
27 May 2020 at 7:36 am UTC

Turns out I still have my old Desura receipt:

I have got my ten dollars worth I have to say.

A look at the Penumbra Collection on Linux with Mesa in 2020
26 May 2020 at 7:28 pm UTC

Quoting: erolmateiThat said, yes, to fix the issue you need to build Mesa so that it does not use optimized SSE instruction (one of the effects of the -O0 flag btw). This is, imho, not a clean solution.
I am sure it is like swatting a mosquito with a sledge hammer, but it worked for me.

I do wonder if a complete Penumbra source port could be constructed from the Overture code.

You can build your own Devolver Digital bundle and save monies
26 May 2020 at 5:23 pm UTC

Other than SteamOS/Linux once being listed on the Steam page for it was there ever any other acknowledgement that Shadow Warrior 2 was coming to Linux at all?

A look at the Penumbra Collection on Linux with Mesa in 2020
24 May 2020 at 9:22 pm UTC Likes: 1

The Linux version of Metro: Last Light Redux was bounced by quality control:
QuoteIn this case that responsibility was on us ... We encountered a number of technical issues while preparing our DRM-free Linux and Mac OS X versions and made the call to hold back the releases until we can be confident in the quality of our product. While we are trying to fix the problems, we cannot make any promises if and when the DRM-free versions will be ready."

Also seems to be true with Postal 2 as well:
QuoteWe had planned on having Mac and Linux ports done for this release, but we ran into some really bizarre problems in trying to get them to run, that we haven't sorted out yet. So we had to push those plans back for a while. Unfortunately, I can't give you an ETA on when we might get them done. :(

Which is why when I played Postal 2 again earlier this year I had to use my old outdated Desura copy like I did with the Penumbra Collection.

A look at the Penumbra Collection on Linux with Mesa in 2020
22 May 2020 at 11:15 pm UTC Likes: 1

So this is interesting. When going back to try and provide the core dump that x_wing requested I discovered that Overture no longer crashes when you leave the fishing boat, even when using the stock lib32-mesa package supplied by Arch Linux.

Downgrading the package reveals that the fix was introduced with lib32-mesa-20.0.7-2 built on May 15th. A couple of days after I first started drafting this article.

Black Plague still crashes when attempting to flatten the coin in the vice, however. Here is the backtrace:
#0  0xf537355b in ?? () from /usr/lib32/dri/
#1  0xf4e90e77 in ?? () from /usr/lib32/dri/
#2  0xf4e927ca in ?? () from /usr/lib32/dri/
#3  0xf502629c in ?? () from /usr/lib32/dri/
#4  0xf50280fa in ?? () from /usr/lib32/dri/
#5  0x083f42a1 in hpl::cSDLTexture::CreateFromBitmapToHandle(hpl::iBitmap2D*, int) ()
#6  0x083f5609 in hpl::cSDLTexture::CreateFromBitmap(hpl::iBitmap2D*) ()
#7  0x08381716 in hpl::cTextureManager::CreateFlatTexture(std::string const&, bool, bool, hpl::eTextureType, hpl::eTextureTarget, unsigned int) ()
#8  0x083794ec in hpl::cMaterialManager::LoadFromFile(std::string const&, std::string const&) ()
#9  0x08379c8a in hpl::cMaterialManager::CreateMaterial(std::string const&) ()
#10 0x082f8790 in hpl::cParticleEmitterData3D_UserData::LoadFromElement(TiXmlElement*) ()
#11 0x082f11fd in hpl::cParticleSystemData3D::LoadFromFile(std::string const&) ()
#12 0x08395cab in hpl::cParticleManager::CreatePS3D(std::string const&, std::string const&, hpl::cVector3<float>, hpl::cMatrix<float> const&) ()
#13 0x0835584a in hpl::cWorld3D::CreateParticleSystem(std::string const&, std::string const&, hpl::cVector3<float> const&, hpl::cMatrix<float> const&) ()
#14 0x08324561 in ?? ()
#15 0x0857d482 in CallSTDCallFunction(unsigned long const*, int, unsigned int) ()
#16 0x0857da17 in CallSystemFunction(int, asCContext*, void*) ()
#17 0x085a0e4d in asCContext::ExecuteNext() ()
#18 0x085a38ce in asCContext::Execute() ()
#19 0x085632ce in asCScriptEngine::ExecuteString(char const*, char const*, asIScriptContext**, unsigned long) ()
#20 0x0841da38 in hpl::cSqScript::Run(std::string const&) ()
#21 0x081a5879 in cInit::RunScriptCommand(std::string const&) ()
#22 0x0827bf65 in cGameWheel::RunCallback(eGameWheelState, eGameWheelAction) ()
#23 0x0827c2ab in cGameWheel::Update(float) ()
#24 0x082a7764 in iGameEntity::OnUpdate(float) ()
#25 0x082076ef in cMapHandler::Update(float) ()
#26 0x08322a97 in hpl::cUpdater::Update(float) ()
#27 0x0831f0f3 in hpl::cGame::Run() ()
#28 0x08246628 in hplMain(std::string const&) ()
#29 0x083e7cab in main ()

My Radeon HD 6870 still uses the older r600g drivers by the way. I do in fact have a Radeon RX 460 on order so that I can upgrade to amdgpu and gain Vulkan support among other things, but it has not arrived yet.

Adventure RPG 'Driftmoon' gains an Enchanted Edition update with Linux support
22 May 2020 at 4:48 pm UTC

Quoting: CyrilI hope this new release will show up on GOG as I own the game there.
Looks like your wish came true Cyril.

The sad case of Unreal Engine 1 on Mesa and Linux in 2020
14 May 2020 at 4:47 pm UTC Likes: 1

I think the silliest part of this whole immature fight is the solution to the problem had nothing to do with copying a few files or setting an environment variable. Somebody had to open the binary with a hex editor to get the game to launch correctly.

Hopefully OldUnreal is able to offer an even better solution.

Lenovo are to start shipping Fedora Linux as an option on their ThinkPad laptops
26 April 2020 at 4:26 pm UTC

Considering they are using stock Fedora, and some of the laptops listed have Nvidia graphics, I could see that being a problem given the lack of vendor supported FOSS kernel drivers.

I made sure my brother got a ThinkPad with an Intel IGP for that exact reason.

The sad case of Unreal Engine 1 on Mesa and Linux in 2020
18 April 2020 at 3:06 am UTC

Quoting: vv221By the way, this archive moved to a new domain and can now be found at
I kept a redirection in place, but updating the URL in the article might still be a good thing to do.
I have fixed the link, thanks.

Valve put out a 'Data Deep Dive' to show how games are doing on Steam
8 April 2020 at 4:11 pm UTC Likes: 8

Quoting: KimyrielleI really boils down to creative professions being much more desirable and satisfying than pretty much anything we can do for a living. Let's face it, people rather paint, sing and write than drive garbage trucks or sit in meetings led by pointy-haired bosses.
You can drive a garbage truck creatively. You might break a few traffic ordinances though.