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Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - A World Betrayed announced, coming to Linux 'shortly' after Windows
5 March 2020 at 4:09 pm UTC

Is the market so juicy on Linux about those kind of games? It feels like they port this kind more than any other, or is it just me?

A note on using Steam Play Proton and counting the sales for Linux (updated)
11 February 2020 at 8:47 am UTC Likes: 3

Liam Dawe
RickAndTired"early stage" he says, yet Proton already allows me to play so many great games effortlessly. I can't wait to see where it keeps going.

Any idea when they're going to update the "white list"?

protondb has a pretty long list of my games with a "Gold+" or "Platinum" rating, yet the "white list" for Proton hasn't been updated in quite a while...


gojulAnyway a whitelist update would be great.
Why? What do you both need from the whitelist keeping in mind you can manually set Proton on any game now? The whitelist was originally from before they let us do that.

Are they not morally engaged as they white list a game? I would expect a white listed game to work, and if it doesn't, that they would kind of make it a priority to get it to work again.
On the other hand, for other games you are on your own in theory. That's what I have been thinking about it.

I still prefere that they focus on performance and compatibility in general though

Action-packed drone building game 'Nimbatus' has a huge update, we have 3 copies to give away
15 January 2020 at 9:41 pm UTC

I'm part of the giveaway lottery too!
Good luck everybody

Humble are giving away Serial Cleaner free for their Fall Sale now live
21 November 2019 at 8:27 pm UTC Likes: 2

Ok so… I may be seen as a total Daedalic fan BUT DAMN DUDE! LESS THAN 3€ FOR THE TOTAL DEPONIA SERIE?! I have it already, going to buy it for some friends omg! Can't be more worth it.

Co-op real-time strategy game A Year Of Rain for Linux is a "TOP Priority"
7 November 2019 at 10:19 am UTC Likes: 11

gojulWait and see... many Linux promises were not actually followed with actual native ports.
Daedalic Entertainment is very Linux friendly, I love them! If they said it's going to be release on Linux, with all the games they have released on Linux already, you can be pretty much sure they will.

DRM-free store GOG are doing a back to school sale with lots of discounts
30 August 2019 at 2:06 pm UTC Likes: 8

Well... I'll pass. After waiting for years, still no gog galaxy. My money will go to stores where they support linux more seriously

Underworld Ascendant's Linux port has now been released
20 August 2019 at 10:00 am UTC

This game has one of the worst rating I have ever seen. Everybody spit on it, critics, players.

The latest Humble Monthly seems like a good deal for Linux + Steam Play (two early unlocks)
7 June 2019 at 9:10 pm UTC

Just sent a message at their support:

« Hello there,

I have recently purchased the humble monthly containing Moonlighter. Why don't we have access to the DRM-free version? The original spirit of humble bundle is DRM-free, cross-platform, help charity. The DRM-free version does exist on the store, so it is surprising not to have access to it. Could you allow us to access it?

Cordially »

GOG are ending their 'Fair Price Package program', soon after letting staff go
26 February 2019 at 9:07 pm UTC Likes: 6

damarrinGOG operates in a different environment to Valve. Linux is completely negligible in their native Poland, they are almost certainly disinterested in Linux themselves and the Witcher 2 debacle was more than enough to turn them away from Linux users almost completely (I think it’s very probable the Galaxy no show on Linux is also due to that) They’re also a publicly-traded company and anything they do that doesn’t bring them profits is a huge liability to their share price. Their shareholders are Polish, so they don’t care about the Linux market at all and any actions to support us will be viewed as nonsensical.

Can you tell me a (developed?) country where Linux isn't negligible? And the linux release of their client being the most voted feature should tell that there is a non-negligible market, or at least, a community willing to support.

About this Witcher 2 debacle, they didn't show much effort, using a wine-based version, delegated to some other company, with HORRIBLE performance (at first), and sold at the same price than other platform, it looked like pure negligence, and as I don't endorse such actions from those linux griefers, I can somehow understand them, despite them not representing the whole Linux community anyway.

But let's assume that their intentions are not bad toward Linux, and that they are somehow trapped by shareholders. Well, so be it, they are rational, and so am I! If I have to make a choice between them and some others, I'm picking the one that show the most support for Linux, simple enough.

GOG are ending their 'Fair Price Package program', soon after letting staff go
26 February 2019 at 8:18 pm UTC Likes: 14

I gave up on GoG completely some time ago.
There is no proof of any effort on the linux release of their galaxy client, whereas it has been stated on their web page, that they plan "eventually" at releasing it for Linux, there is no communication at all for YEARS, despite it to be the MOST voted feature ever.

The DRM-free argument is sexy, and I was ready to give it credit if I could see at least some effort toward Linux, but yet, all I see, is Valve pushing it hard on every side. So I went from a preference of buying games on GoG, with manual checking for updates, and downloading them via my web browser, to Steam with their games released on Linux, their Steam client with automatic updates, their Steam Link app on raspberry pi, their proton, their encouragement for Vulkan adoption in the industry, and I am missing some!

I think Valve deserves it, and despite my first impression, it's not really a form of DRM, as it's up to the developers to choose to use those on the store (even though, you would have to manually copy files, as no installer is provided for installation outside of Steam)

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