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Getting Linux running properly on Apple M1 Silicon has begun with Asahi Linux
8 January 2021 at 7:09 pm UTC Likes: 1

As fascinating as the hardware looks, I'm done with Apple. If I'd want to run Linux on ARM I'd probably just get a Raspberry PI. But for now I don't.

As for Apple, I've grudgingly opted for a MacBook Pro around 2013 (the 13" one, the last with a DVD drive), and at least that one could still be upgraded, so it now has twice the original RAM and an SSD. In theory it's still usable and might even run Big Sur, heaven forbid! But in practice it sees little use. My wife switched to an LG Gram, which is 14" but half the weight, and even has slots for a second SSD and more RAM. Given that Apple has removed the ability to upgrade or replace the hardware in any way, I simply won't buy any of their computers any more. And software wise, things went basically downhill after OSX 10.6.

So yeah, guess there's an argument for getting Linux to run, after all :-).

AMD make switching between Vulkan drivers AMDVLK and RADV easier
8 January 2021 at 5:45 pm UTC Likes: 1

Quoting: pete910Make it so I could actually buy a damn card would be a good idea first!
Yeah, with the current situation my plans to upgrade my PC early this year have been postponed. But it's okay; the game that would have mandated an upgrade won't be finished anytime soon either.

Here's a few of the Linux games we're excited to see through 2021
6 January 2021 at 7:09 pm UTC

I'd be very surprised if Arcadian Atlas was released this year, but I won't complain if it does :-).
Totally looking forward to Encodya, and it's not long now.
Backbone is something that might be interesting, and so is Rosewater.
I've already played the Roadwarden demo, but it didn't impress. Maybe if the writing was more concise and to the point.

Looking through my own list of interesting upcoming games, Linux support is mostly absent. Sad.

Our top favourite Linux games released in 2020
23 December 2020 at 4:33 pm UTC

Without Wine/Proton, this year would have been pretty desolate for me, even in the indie space. But even then, the games I did enjoy this year would rank fairly low on my list of all-time favorites, with one notable exception: Paradise Killer. That one came pretty much out of the blue, but it was so wonderfully wacky and had a great world to explore, and an awesome soundtrack. Really quite an extraordinary experience.

Looking back, Signs of the Sojourner probably deserves another playthrough, or two. I love how it looks and due to the card-based dialogue mechanic it takes a bit of luck and planning to get the outcome you want. So there's plenty of stories I have not yet fully explored.

Crusader Kings III is likely the game I spent the most time with this year (maybe with the exception of the Ace Attorney trilogy). It's a good game, no doubt, but there isn't anything truly novel or exceptional about it.

Yes, Your Grace really looked and sounded gorgeous (I've since bought 2 CDs of the wonderful Merkfolk, who did the soundtrack), but with a mostly fixed story it's really only good for a single run. And even the best ending leaves a bit of a bitter taste.

I'm still playing Haven, but it's not quite as good as anticipated. Pretty chill overall, and funny on occasion, but not very gripping. A bit more mystery and greater sense of discovery would have gone a long way.

Luna The Shadow Dust was short and sweet. Unfortunately it was practically over by the time the puzzles got really interesting.

I enjoyed art of rally, but all in all there was just not that much variety to keep me hooked for long. I didn't even unlock all the cars. The same goes for Pendragon. Even before unlocking all playable characters, repetition set in and the novelty was gone.

I guess to sum this year up, there were some delicious bites and snacks to be had, but I really, really could have done with a three course dinner! Maybe 2021 ... :-).

Valve puts up Proton 5.13-4 to get Cyberpunk 2077 working on Linux for AMD GPUs
10 December 2020 at 7:14 pm UTC Likes: 5

Guess this will be buried in Cyberpunk-related discussion, but this version of Proton actually runs Haven (with native media foundation DLLs in place). Since it came out a week ago, I have been trying various Wine flavors to get the game to launch, to no avail. It either crashed in the native mfplat DLL or threw gstreamer errors when used without.

So yay! :-). Who needs CP77 when they finally can play Haven!? ;-)

Failbetter Games announce romantic visual novel Mask of the Rose, prequel to their others
2 December 2020 at 6:10 pm UTC

I loved the writing and stories in Sunless Seas, but the game mechanics weren't really my thing. Here's hoping that this one will be a better match for me :-).

Build your own ruler in the massive Crusader Kings III update out now
28 November 2020 at 7:28 pm UTC

Quoting: kaimanNow I'm a dwarf with a diploma in Kingdom management and am still hated by everyone, but for me that's going to be way more enjoyable.
I'm so glad I got back into the game, because this character absolutely rocks! I turned him from a passable steward into a diplomacy powerhouse (holding and attending feasts gives great bonuses with time, it seems, as does an adept wife) and he made it from King of Ireland to Emporer of Alba with hardly a war fought. And better yet, most of the money spent on usurping titles or bribing Petty Kings into vassalization was sponsored by the Pope! And the icing on the cake: his one and only daughter also excels at diplomacy.

Seeing a strategy actually work out as I hoped (much better, actually!), even though it required plenty of patience is immensely gratifying. And that the game allows to play a diplomacy-focused character in a way so different from my previous approaches only goes to show how nuanced and deep it really is.

Build your own ruler in the massive Crusader Kings III update out now
25 November 2020 at 6:42 pm UTC

Quoting: HoriHehe, get him killed :D There's many creative ways to "start over" without actually starting a new game :D
I finally managed exactly that yesterday, after a 14 year long reign. Now I'm a dwarf with a diploma in Kingdom management and am still hated by everyone, but for me that's going to be way more enjoyable.

Though from what I've seen so far, a high-diplomacy character really suits me best. Hardly any opposing factions, you make friends and allies easily and everyone just adores you. Note to self: keep a closer eye on your offspring ...

Build your own ruler in the massive Crusader Kings III update out now
24 November 2020 at 6:40 pm UTC Likes: 3

Browsing the Changelog also unearthed this Linux-related fix:

QuoteFix an issue on Linux that could cause stutters every few seconds by disabling gamepad polling. Gamepad polling for debug purposes can now be enabled by passing in the command line flag “-handle_controller_input”
That aside, the sheer complexity that becomes apparent from going over that list is staggering. I really need to get back into the game. Maybe ditch my current unlikable character and start fresh ... there's still so much to discover!

The Pro1 X Smartphone looks like an awesome Linux phone for tech fans
20 November 2020 at 6:59 pm UTC

As cool as this is, I think in reality the Ubuntu version could only ever function as a 2nd phone unless it can also dual boot. At least for me. Even though I predominantly use mine to make calls over the cellular network, snap some pictures if I forget to bring my camera, chat with people using a messenger that has a desktop application running in Wine, and, very, very rarely visit a website or check my E-Mail, all of which would presumably work perfectly on a phone running Ubuntu, there are a few essential apps forced on me by the likes of my Bank (for 2FA) or the local public transport (for buying tickets when there is no ticket machine, or it isn't working) or all those "smart" things that want to pair with my mobile device (because why provide a web-interface for configuration when it can have an app instead!?). If it weren't for all of the latter, I'd be interested. But then again, in that case I'd likely still be running my trusty Blackberry ...

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