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Latest Comments by doomiebaby
A developer from Bohemia Interactive wants to know your interest in the Arma 3 Linux port
3 August 2018 at 9:01 pm UTC Likes: 1

I've been very interested but incompatibility with the windows builds has indeed kept me away. Also don't like discord so this is the only place I'll say anything.

The fun FPS 'Ballistic Overkill' adds more female skins, free to try for a few days and 50% off
12 April 2018 at 11:48 pm UTC Likes: 1

they did double the net res for this game a while back and it helped, but latency is still the reason i have trouble playing it. maybe if i had a server next door or somethin... but i still think something needs to change there, sadly. it is a very fun game otherwise

Killing Floor 2 for Linux is 'indefinitely on hold' as they can't find a developer
11 January 2018 at 12:36 am UTC Likes: 5

Referencing poor KF1 sales? Maybe word had gotten out about its performance back then; I remember it being a horroble horrible port that wasn't consistently playable on overkill hardware. It should't have sold well, or even at all. (I just tested it again with my current machine, and the first objective level drops to 26fps often.)

With the way linux was mentioned for KF2, I'd hoped it was an actual intention this time, and that maybe they'd planned better and porting would be done well. I guess not. This news says to me that they were never very serious about a linux port to begin with. Another dev to ignore til they prove themselves, sadly.

According to netmarketshare Linux hit 6.91% market share last month, higher than Mac
3 October 2017 at 4:30 pm UTC Likes: 2

Alm888...This all means we can pretty safely drop Netmarketshare from the reliable sources list...


"ok, there are definitely 500k people using linux...or maybe 100k...or none. Wait, no; everyone is, er... let me just manipulate these numbers a bit... does 600k sound about right?"

if all linux desktop usage is within their margin of error, that's one hell of a margin for error. i'm really curious to see their theory now, because it sounds like it could be an entertaining read bahahaha

According to netmarketshare Linux hit 6.91% market share last month, higher than Mac
3 October 2017 at 1:56 pm UTC Likes: 1

qptain Nemo
slaapliedjeAnd why is that? Because I point out that people who sit in a coffee shop just to use their wifi (why don't they use the one in their office, dorm room? They can afford that shiny macbook and overly expensive coffee, why couldn't they also afford Wifi or work in a place that has it?) A coffee shop used to be a place where you'd sit down and meet someone, and have a nice light chat.

Instead it's filled with people sitting on their laptops only because they may want to be around other humans for a while.
How dare they spend their own money on what they like and want to be around other humans! Such twisted villainy!

i took it as a personal opinion, and thought it was funny....while he also calls out a phenomenon as sort of peculiar at least, the way a comedian does; but i realize a lot of folks don't like comedy either. also people sometimes go out of their way to be a's an attempted identity thing, and that human behavior is only one of many factors that make his comment that it's not a very good poll 100% legitimate. demographics matter. i don't think anyone would be surprised to see macs in a coffee shop, which is why it's funny. "lighten up" would be understated advice. cmon guys...

i mean if i were one of those people i'd respond with something like curly's "hey" >:\ "i resemble that!"

Ryan "Icculus" Gordon is looking for new games to port to Linux, pay not required
23 August 2017 at 7:49 am UTC Likes: 2

Here's a crazy idea that might be useful to a lot of people: what if, like our system specs, we could choose linux wishlist titles, maybe from a preexisting list to keep it consistent, and keep it attached to our profiles? It'd be really interesting to see the numbers, and what games get voted top (apart from the usual doom 2016 and witcher and skyrim). Kind of a live perma-poll...

I also can't wait to read why it's a stupid and terrible idea. This oughtta be interesting.

Ryan "Icculus" Gordon is looking for new games to port to Linux, pay not required
22 August 2017 at 8:03 pm UTC

Rising Storm / Red Orchestra 2
Doom 2016
Any of the Final Fantasy games, but especially 7, 8 and 9
Age of Empires 2 HD
Sonic Generations
Sonic & All-stars Racing Transformed
Any and all of the SEGA Dreamcast ports to PC
Killing Floor 2
The LEGO games
Grim Dawn

A man can dream

Ryan "Icculus" Gordon is looking for new games to port to Linux, pay not required
21 August 2017 at 9:53 pm UTC Likes: 3

LeopardApology for what? For this?

No, for this:

We're not the borg or some kind of hivemind, so that must not be what you mean. I'm not making excuses for foolish people, but that's why I won't make any excuses for CDPR. I don't control and I don't WANT to control, directly or via some kind of censorship or social bullying, anything some other "member" of the "linux community" says or does; and I also utterly absolve myself from any responsibility for what they say or do, therefore. If they don't want me to buy their game because of something some kids said, that's their decision, but petty doesn't begin to describe the offensive excuse given by that guy.

I'm sure creators of very cared about games have seen worse, and maybe whomever did that No Man's Sky deserves worse, but I've never heard such a childish, level-stooping and just plain absurd response from any dev or publisher. Ban the haters, prosecute the lawbreakers, and man the eff up. The closest thing to an apology I can think of that would be reasonable to expect from those of us who would like a port and aren't responsible for threats, etc, would be along the lines of "Hey, some folks are real jerks, huh? Well I'm sorry you had a rough month, but let's not fall into generalization. I have this money here..." /endrant

Burst The Game, a free to play FPS arrives with Linux support this month
16 August 2017 at 3:39 pm UTC

Gonza565Worst game name so far this year?
haha, seems to be a thing with f2p games. terrible names. but the odds that this will have a decent business model are kinda low. i'll still give it a try, obviously, when it comes out.

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