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Latest Comments by Dunc
Linux market share on Steam now at a 16 month high after a rounding error was fixed
4 October 2018 at 7:06 pm UTC Likes: 2

MayeulCYeah, well, but I have Steam's language set to English (easier for bug reports and co), so it might be a little biased.
That kind of proves my point, actually. I didn't mean to suggest that we native speakers are more important than everyone else, but really just that: “Steam clients set to English” are a very big market.

Linux market share on Steam now at a 16 month high after a rounding error was fixed
4 October 2018 at 3:25 pm UTC Likes: 6

QuoteI've updated our dedicated page tracking it
Wow. I hadn't realised how much of a difference this revision made until I saw that. Truch be told, last month's “old” increase wasn't really all that much bigger than August's, although that was a pretty big jump too. But this really stretches it out.

What I don't think has been mentioned here, although it's clear from the chart, is that among English speakers the uptick over the last two months has been huge, almost doubling the Linux share. We're now comfortably over 2% in that (pretty large and important*) demographic. I don't know what the actual figures are these days, but that's getting close to what I think of as “Mac territory”.

*Apologies to speakers of other languages, but it's true.

Set Phasers to fun! Stage 9 lets you explore the Enterprise-D from Star Trek The Next Generation on Linux
2 October 2018 at 2:09 pm UTC Likes: 1

TheSHEEEPToo bad, really. But not unexpected.

“Hey, boss, look at this! These guys have made this amazing recreation of the Enterprise! They're really talented! We could get them on-board, maybe use what they've made as the basis of a game or something, put our marketing weight behind it, and take a cut of the profits! Everybody wins!”


The Linux market share on Steam is at a 14 month high as of September 2018
2 October 2018 at 2:00 pm UTC Likes: 1

Well, I'm one of 'em. I'd forgotten until now, but I got the survey on the first of September.

This is seriously good news. I mean, it's not a huge leap - as you say, it's a pity we couldn't crack 1% - but it's a very clear increase after a period of decline and stagnation relative to the overall growth of the Steam userbase, and Proton's only getting started. I think Valve will be encouraged.

Sci-fi single-player survival game Planet Nomads is currently pretty broken on Linux
1 October 2018 at 11:25 pm UTC

liamdaweInteresting. So you get literally no issues if you load it, quit to menu, start an entirely new world in survival on a new seed. Repeat that twice to see what happens (just to see if we can trigger it).

Since I can reproduce it so often (with reports from others too) it's definitely a bug.
Nope. Tried it three times, just to be sure.

Like gurv, I have a faint recollection of it possibly crashing during loading once, but only once. And I'm not even sure about that.

If it's corruption of a common database rather than one generated for each save, it's possible I haven't played it enough recently to trigger it. That said, I'd forgotten that I did lose one save to some kind of corruption: whenever I load it, I'm in my base, but the tutorial triggers (which obviously can't be completed, because I'm not in the ship), and there's no planet.

Sci-fi single-player survival game Planet Nomads is currently pretty broken on Linux
1 October 2018 at 5:49 pm UTC

Strange. It's working okay here. More or less. There's a weird flickering/glitching on the menu screen that I've been meaning to report for weeks (it looks for all the world like a hardware fault, except I don't have any other problems), but the game runs well enough. As well as it ever does, at least; it could do with some optimization, but everyone's complaining about that, even on Windows.

QuoteFor now, I would urge you to give it a miss until they give the Linux version the attention it needs.
Despite what I've said, I can't disagree. You won't be able to tell if it's going to work or not until you try it. And it's far from ready to come out of EA anyway.

Ashes 2063, an impressive total conversion for Doom II, has released its first episode
28 September 2018 at 10:53 pm UTC Likes: 2

QuotePlacing you in control of a scavenger in a world that was transformed by a massive war
Oh. So it's not about England's androids beating Australia at ultracricket with their new laser-guided spin-bowling mode, then?

Pity. Still, looks cool anyway. ;)

Valve have released some interesting statistics about controller use
28 September 2018 at 5:10 pm UTC

appetrosyanI would have replaced the right button grid with a thumbstick, moved those buttons to the underside of the controller (where your fingers are 90% of the time).
Hmm. Not sure about that. The grips are a nice innovation, but I don't actually enjoy using them except as a “modifier” (like crouch or sprint in third-person games).

QuoteAnother issue I have is that it doesn’t work as well on Linux as it does on Windows: it re-triggers when charging from the PC, it doesn’t work with games if you forgot to use big picture mode, and it can only be used with non-steam games if you install a program from a developer that won’t be producing any more drivers.
It works fine for me outside Big Picture Mode. And does it charge from the PC? I've never tried that. In fact, one complaint I'd have is that it doesn't play nice with my rechargeable batteries. It used to be okay, but since the Bluetooth update it won't recognise fully-charged ones as such and just shuts off. I have to use alkaline batteries now. Mind you, the life seems to be excellent - still on my first set - but... grr.

Feral Interactive are teasing something for Linux next week
28 September 2018 at 4:58 pm UTC

constPorting games that run perfectly in Proton still makes sense, but not as much as porting games that don't. If I were working at Feral, it would not feel as fulfilling doing ports of games that run perfectly in wine/Proton any more.
Some people here won't like it - I'm not particularly happy about it myself - but the sensible thing for them in business terms would be to concentrate on publishers who insist on third-party DRM, especially the dreaded Denuvo. Proton has real problems with that, and it's not something that'll be easy for Valve to overcome.

As I say, you may not like it. But you don't have to buy those games. A lot of people now considering Linux for the first time will want to though. If Proton expands the userbase as we and Valve hope it will, a lot of publishers who've turned Feral down in the past might be more interested in the future. Paradoxically, although at first glance it looked as if it would kill the porting business, Proton might actually give it a shot in the arm.

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS confirmed to be coming to Linux, port from Feral Interactive
27 September 2018 at 4:08 pm UTC

So, not Shadow of War then. Dang it. (More because I was wrong than it not being that game, though. This does look more interesting than some TW titles.)

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