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Here's another quick pick of some games currently free for you to pass the time with
21 March 2020 at 2:16 pm UTC

Thanks for the heads up, especially for Kenney's big pack.

What have you been playing recently and what are your thoughts?
8 March 2020 at 3:35 pm UTC Likes: 2

I've been playing Tangledeep nowadays.

I've got addicted to traditional roguelike game recently, thanks to Shattered Pixel Dungeon in Android which is really easy and intuitive for newbie in that genre.

Unfortunately, famous traditional roguelike in PC like ADOM,DCSS and TOME is a bit too hard for me, thanks to its graphic and intertwined rules. Not to mention the permadeath.

With that said, Tangledeep is really awesome for newbie like me, because: 1) the graphic is nice; 2) its rule is quite simple; 3) there is option to disable permadeath.

Not to mention it's really cheap and often available on sale.

Fun looking fast-paced grid-fighter 'EndCycle VS' plans to support Linux
12 February 2020 at 11:50 pm UTC

You know, I never thought there are that many people who play MMBN in their childhood.

I lived in a small city in South Asia and all my friends only play Pokemon, so I'm the only one who play MMBN. Seriously, I'm pleasantly surprised and happy to see game like this and One Step from Eden.

Meanwhile, I should start my emulator again for now.

Developed in Rust, the open-world and open-source voxel RPG 'Veloren' has a big new release
4 February 2020 at 11:29 pm UTC Likes: 3

Quoting: TheSHEEEPI always look at Rust and think "I can do all of this in C++ and have a larger wealth of libraries available - and most importantly I can code however I want, without being forced into some styles and restrictions to *keep me safe*.".
IMHO the "keep me safe" part is what make language like Rust and Go really popular. I use Go extensively in my job, and admittedly at first it's really annoying with all of its restrictions and error handling. However, thanks to those restrictions, it's become a lot harder for me to shoot myself in the foot. It's also make me confident that my code is free from esoteric bugs that come from unsafe pointer, forgotten variables, etc.

Another good things that comes from the restrictions is all code looks similar (especially in Go case). I can look at any repositories and usually I can instantly figure out what do these codes means. It's especially useful when I'm have to revisit my old project, in which I usually forgot how the code structured.

Psyonix are ending support for Rocket League on both Linux and macOS (updated)
26 January 2020 at 1:11 am UTC Likes: 3

Guys, can confirm my purchase has been refunded. I've played for 23 hours and at first my refund request was rejected immediately by their systems. However, after submitting manual ticket to Valve they refunded it for me :D.

Do note in my case I only bought the base game so I don't know if the refund will works for DLCs or keys. Also just a reminder, but do try to be polite when submitting ticket to Psyonix. I kinda feel bad to see their PR person get chewed like crazy in Reddit and Discord.

Good luck to you all, more money to spend in Lunar sale I guess


Don't use automated refund system in Steam because you will be rejected immediately. Instead, submit a manual ticket that will be reviewed by a Valve Support Agent. Here are the steps from Psyonix supports :

Spoiler, click me

  • Go to the Steam Recent Purchases website

  • Select Rocket League. You may need to select View complete purchasing history at the bottom of the page to see it.

  • Select I have a question about this purchase.

  • In the text field be sure to mention that: 1) you play on Linux; 2) Psyonix will not supports Linux anymore; and 3) you want to refund your purchase for Rocket League.

  • A Valve support agent will read and respond to the ticket.

What have you been playing recently and what do you think about it?
12 October 2019 at 10:44 pm UTC

I replayed Dead Cells again, it's really awesome. Next I want to revisit Terraria again.

Want a copy of Slay the Spire? Enter our competition
7 August 2019 at 7:50 am UTC Likes: 8

I'm not sure this can be considered as "drawing" since I just edit and modify the existing resources, but here it is anyway.

What have you been clicking on this weekend?
5 August 2019 at 12:11 am UTC Likes: 1

I'm barely able to play this weekend, with job and side project piling up to do. Right now I'm hoping to learn how to play Crusader Kings II properly since I've bought all DLC from Humble.

I thought I already got the basic down, but after watching tutorial in YouTube (the part one from 22 videos), I just realize I don't even know how to read and use map properly

Wind Runners, a side-scrolling dogfighting action game is announced for Linux
2 August 2019 at 1:03 am UTC

Damn, there are too many good indie game for Linux right now.

I've been using Linux for almost ten years, and back then my choice is limited to Wesnoth, OpenTTD and emulator. It's amazing to see how many game supports Linux platform right now.

What have you been playing and what are your thoughts?
15 July 2019 at 12:13 am UTC

I've been playing Terraria lately. I've never played sandbox game before but I've heard many good thing about it. Since it was dirt cheap on last sale, I bought it. Unfortunately, I don't really like it, but somehow I can't stop playing it.