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Entropy : Zero 2 the excellent Half-Life 2 mod adds Linux and Steam Deck support

By Liam Dawe,
After being in Beta since late last year, Half-Life: 2 mod Entropy : Zero 2 has now released the full Native Linux and Steam Deck support.

Seems I'll be replaying Half-Life 2 again soon but this time in VR

By Liam Dawe,
Half-Life 2: VR Mod is on the way and will hit official Beta on Steam on September 16th, so I guess I'll be playing it all over again then.

Half-Life 2 getting a new UI in prep for Steam Deck

By Liam Dawe,
Valve continue burning the midnight oil as it's getting close to the Steam Deck launch now. Their classics continue getting updated, with Half-Life 2 getting a new UI.

Half-Life 2 and the episodes get a Beta with Vulkan (DXVK) and more

By Liam Dawe,
Valve has put up a Beta for Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One and Half-Life 2: Episode Two as they prepare more of their own games ready for the Steam Deck.

Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection coming from the team behind Half-Life 2: Update

By Liam Dawe,
With Valve's blessing, it seems the Half-Life 2 series is getting a full update from the team that made Half-Life 2: Update in the form of the Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection.

The original Half-Life games are now free to play until Half-Life: Alyx launches

By Liam Dawe,
Valve have made their original Half-Life titles all the way up to Half-Life 2: Episode Two free to play for a few months.
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