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Proud Debian gamer since 2010. Indie game developer and marketer for Frogsong Studios and Rengen Marketing.

D-Corp, the couch multiplayer game with cute robots gets a new versus mode

By hardpenguin,
Remember the couch multiplayer game D-Corp? On the top of its co-op campaign mode it now features a full-fledged versus mode called Arena.

Mutant Factions Hits 1.0, An Interview With The Developer!

By hardpenguin,
Mutant Factions, a fast-paced top-down shooter is free, it has multiplayer, it has sick abilities, vehicles, and guns. It just reached 1.0 version, which means it is ready to expand. I interviewed the developer! Check it out.

Unity3D Web Player In Linux Browsers Thanks To Pipelight

By hardpenguin,
Unity3D provides us quite a lot of Linux games however it lacks one important thing, which is Web Player browser plugin, commonly used among game developers in making early demo versions of games. Pipelight is a project filling this gap!

Toribash Fighting Game 4.7 Beta Brings Back Linux Support!

By hardpenguin,
The newest release of Toribash brings back Linux support, which was abandoned some time ago. If you like difficult, but satisfying games, give this free turn-based fighting gem a try!

Subvein: Mutant Factions the ultimate top down shooter!

By hardpenguin,
The ultimate top-down shooter! Subvein: Mutant Factions is a free multiplayer action game. It has over 20 weapons, a strategic skills system, crazy vehicles and countless u...
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