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Come tell us about what you've been gaming on Linux lately

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Another week down, plenty of new games have released or been updated and we're about to begin another cycle. Let's have a chat.

With the recent huge Stellaris 2.7 update, we were going to be diving into a fresh multiplayer game with excitement to look at all the new visuals. Sadly though, it appears the latest update has numerous problems that caused all sorts of lag and sync issues. Thankfully, Paradox keep around older versions on Steam you can opt into with the 2.6.x series still working well. Issues aside, Stellaris is such a fantastic RTS overall to sink a great many hours into.

Into the Breach has also been sucking up more time lately, as a small and focused strategy game it's pretty close to perfection. I'm really not surprised it has reviewed so well. Subset Games also continue to tweak the Linux build to ensure it's running smoothly.

Across today though I've been quite sick, so thanks to Stadia I've been able to just sit back and relax with a flawless Assassin's Creed Odyssey experience to just zone-out with. It's nice to have another option if your net is good enough. The developer of firefighting game Embr also sent over a pre-release Stadia key to us, and it's quite amusing. Something to look forward to when it arrives in Early Access next week (no Linux desktop release for now).

I'm also highly jealous of everyone who has a VR kit now that Half-Life: Alyx is available on Linux. Hopefully it's working well, it looks pretty incredible and sounds like Valve did a really fantastic job on it. Half-Life: Alyx has now passed twenty-five thousand user reviews on Steam too!

Additionally, while I've not played it myself, it appears DOOM Eternal became the first game to get the brand new Denuvo Anti-Cheat (different to the DRM). This made it instantly unplayable on Linux under Steam Play Proton. Another thorn in our side. However, according to TechRaptor who spoke to Michail Greshishchev, Product Owner at Denuvo Anti-Cheat they said:

We've been tracking the Proton issue immediately after launch and are committed to delivering a fix soon. This isn't a request coming to us from a publisher or anything like that - we genuinely respect such an enthusiast community and regret introducing this incompatibility on day 1

So at least there's some sort of hope on the horizon about DOOM Eternal single-player working again on Linux under Proton.

Quick tip for parents: currently on Steam the LEGO NINJAGO game is 100% off making it free to keep, seems to work well in Steam Play proton. That deal will last until May 22.

Over to you in the comments: what have you been gaming on Linux lately?

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axredneck 17 May, 2020
Doom with GZDoom and some wads: Golden Souls and Planisphere 2
S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky with Время Перемен 3.0 mod
Idle Wizard (so called clicker)
Dunc 17 May, 2020
After saying I'd never played it in the Star Wars Day thread a couple of weeks ago, I gave in* and bought Knights of the Old Republic (and its sequel). I can see why it's considered a classic. It's certainly looking a bit long-in-the-tooth, but the basic gameplay and storytelling still hold up pretty well, 17 years later.

Quoting: PatolaI just installed Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition that Epic Games Store is giving for free
Wait... what? I heard the rumours, but didn't believe they'd actually do it.

...aaaand I don't have enough space to install it. 96Gb. :O That's comfortably bigger than anything else I own: almost three TW3s (plus DLC). Still, it's on my Epic account now (still all free games :D ), and it's not like I haven't played through it before, although the XBox360 version was pretty cut-down compared to PC.

EDIT: In more good news, it turns out Epic has throttled download speeds in the UK. I'm averaging about 300Kbps here. It's going to take about a week to install. I suppose I shouldn't complain when they're giving it away for free, but... :'(

*Heavily influenced by watching the OutsideXbox livestream that afternoon. I'd bought the thing, installed it, and started playing before it had finished.

Last edited by Dunc on 18 May 2020 at 8:44 pm UTC
Shmerl 17 May, 2020
Quoting: DuncAfter saying I'd never played it in the Star Wars Day thread a couple of weeks ago, I gave in* and bought Knights of the Old Republic (and its sequel). I can see why it's considered a classic. It's certainly looking a bit long-in-the-tooth, but the basic gameplay and storytelling still hold up pretty well, 17 years later.

Great games indeed!
rezzafri 18 May, 2020
Mostly Overwatch, sometimes No Man's Sky, Street Fighter V, DragonBall Fighter Z (yes there is workaround for skipping EAC, offline only).
barab4 18 May, 2020
I had Mindustry for very long time on my wishlist but didn't buy it because of its simplistic graphics with too bright color palette. Still, because of overwhelmingly positive rating, I finally decided to give it a chance. I become addicted very fast and put 60 hours into it in 12 days. Time just flies when you concentrate on building a large autonomous base.

Last edited by barab4 on 18 May 2020 at 8:59 am UTC
pcavalcanti 18 May, 2020
retro City Rampage DX - That game is so much fun!
YourPalMark 18 May, 2020
Taking my first steps into Deep Rock Galactic. Plays great on Linux via Proton!
Schattenspiegel 18 May, 2020
Finally closing in on the final hours of Divinity: Original Sin in Co-op mode.
And for solitary entertainment The Longing and Hob are very interesting titles.

Last edited by Schattenspiegel on 18 May 2020 at 1:21 am UTC
ageres 18 May, 2020
Fury Unleashed, a new rogue-like action game, very addictive. It reminds me of Spelunky but with lots of shooting.
Comandante Ñoñardo 18 May, 2020
I played Close to The Sun on STEAM via PROTON...
The game works out of the box, but is veeery bad optimized. I needed an RTX 2060 SUPER for to have more or less 60 FPS at 1080p.
I guess that a DLC is coming based on how the game ended.

I also played with the EPIC client running via Lutris:
--Beyond Two Souls DEMO (Good performance with a GTX 970. But cracked sound, I needed to install XACT),
--Heavy Rain DEMO (with poor performance with a GTX 970)
--Detroit Become Human DEMO that (that crashed with a GTX 970, but worked fine with an RTX 2060 SUPER).

And purchased METRO EXODUS GOLD EDITION on EPIC STORE for 5U$D... And it works out of the box, but I am unable to run the benchmark

If someday Deepsilver release the Linux port, I will buy it again on Steam.
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