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Come tell us about what you've been gaming on Linux lately

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Another week down, plenty of new games have released or been updated and we're about to begin another cycle. Let's have a chat.

With the recent huge Stellaris 2.7 update, we were going to be diving into a fresh multiplayer game with excitement to look at all the new visuals. Sadly though, it appears the latest update has numerous problems that caused all sorts of lag and sync issues. Thankfully, Paradox keep around older versions on Steam you can opt into with the 2.6.x series still working well. Issues aside, Stellaris is such a fantastic RTS overall to sink a great many hours into.

Into the Breach has also been sucking up more time lately, as a small and focused strategy game it's pretty close to perfection. I'm really not surprised it has reviewed so well. Subset Games also continue to tweak the Linux build to ensure it's running smoothly.

Across today though I've been quite sick, so thanks to Stadia I've been able to just sit back and relax with a flawless Assassin's Creed Odyssey experience to just zone-out with. It's nice to have another option if your net is good enough. The developer of firefighting game Embr also sent over a pre-release Stadia key to us, and it's quite amusing. Something to look forward to when it arrives in Early Access next week (no Linux desktop release for now).

I'm also highly jealous of everyone who has a VR kit now that Half-Life: Alyx is available on Linux. Hopefully it's working well, it looks pretty incredible and sounds like Valve did a really fantastic job on it. Half-Life: Alyx has now passed twenty-five thousand user reviews on Steam too!

Additionally, while I've not played it myself, it appears DOOM Eternal became the first game to get the brand new Denuvo Anti-Cheat (different to the DRM). This made it instantly unplayable on Linux under Steam Play Proton. Another thorn in our side. However, according to TechRaptor who spoke to Michail Greshishchev, Product Owner at Denuvo Anti-Cheat they said:

We've been tracking the Proton issue immediately after launch and are committed to delivering a fix soon. This isn't a request coming to us from a publisher or anything like that - we genuinely respect such an enthusiast community and regret introducing this incompatibility on day 1

So at least there's some sort of hope on the horizon about DOOM Eternal single-player working again on Linux under Proton.

Quick tip for parents: currently on Steam the LEGO NINJAGO game is 100% off making it free to keep, seems to work well in Steam Play proton. That deal will last until May 22.

Over to you in the comments: what have you been gaming on Linux lately?

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I played Close to The Sun on STEAM via PROTON...
The game works out of the box, but is veeery bad optimized. I needed an RTX 2060 SUPER for to have more or less 60 FPS at 1080p.
I guess that a DLC is coming based on how the game ended.

I also played with the EPIC client running via Lutris:
--Beyond Two Souls DEMO (Good performance with a GTX 970. But cracked sound, I needed to install XACT),
--Heavy Rain DEMO (with poor performance with a GTX 970)
--Detroit Become Human DEMO that (that crashed with a GTX 970, but worked fine with an RTX 2060 SUPER).

And purchased METRO EXODUS GOLD EDITION on EPIC STORE for 5U$D... And it works out of the box, but I am unable to run the benchmark

If someday Deepsilver release the Linux port, I will buy it again on Steam.
Drakker 18 May
Only new game since last time is Streets of Rage 4, works very well in proton and with remote steam play together. Otherwise still wasting most of my free time in Vintage Story.
toojays 18 May
I'm still on my first playthrough of Divinity: Original Sin 2. I'm in the final act (Arx) now. It's a very good game, but a little long for time-poor me. I think I started last December! I'm determined to finish it before I move on to the HITMAN 2 campain though.

I had my first Remote Play Together session last week, a friend and I played Mother Russia Bleeds. That game is way more fun with a friend. Remote Play Together seems a little flakey. I added some port forwards to my router. No idea if they helped, before my friend failed to connect 100% of the time, now he failed to connect 50% of the time. I guess that's progress.

I've also been playing Thronebreaker on the Switch.

Get well soon Liam.
Alm888 18 May
Decided to make a break from "X4: Foundations" and play something different.

Ended up playing "Kerbal Space Program" non-stop. :D
Vulphere 18 May
Still continuing with Valkyria Chronicles (1).
SystemShock 18 May
Ultima Ascension, Bladerunner, Resident Evil 2 the Remake. I was impressed how well RE2 runs on my Machine with ProtonGE out of the Box.
omicron-b 18 May
Played through Red Faction Guerrilla (Proton) just because I liked the first game as a child, turns out the game is quite fun.

Tried Dead Cells again and found out I no longer suck at it, picked up my character at Black Bridge and finished the game without dying once. This gave me the confidence boost I needed, so I got all the runes and proceeded to unlock and finish all levels, including the free DLC. I even got "What's wrong with these?" achievement by completing the game with the starting shield. Will take a break and then buy a Bad Seed DLC and hunt for more achievements, because I like the game so much.

Now playing System Shock 2 and I am surprised it's so addictive, I think I will finish the game in 4 days straight. It's interesting that the Linux release (wine wrapped) no longer starts for me, and Andrew Eikum from Code Weavers (who packaged this release) recommends Proton these days, which works flawless.
Never played the first game, but read the plot. Waiting for a remaster.

Taking a break from the original Unreal (Proton), which I have fond memories of as a child, and still kinda like it. My progress is about 30% now.

Overall, I am using that 4K display I have to it's maximum, as you can see :D

Last edited by omicron-b on 18 May 2020 at 5:17 am UTC
Xpander 18 May
Still Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning. Runs amazingly with wine+DXVK. Using vkbasalt with sharpness, smaa and fakehdr to make it look better in 2020. Lots of great PvP action.

Video about RvR Roaming
damarrin 18 May
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  • Supporter Plus
I tried playing Half-Life: Alyx after the native version came out as I couldn't before due to it being a stuttery mess on my Nvidia card. Now SteamVR doesn't even start throwing up an error. Haven't had time to fix that yet.

I also tried to continue my Mortal Kombat X story mode playthrough and now after a couple of fights the game repeatedly crashes on a keypress during a cutscene.

So the only thing I have been able to play this weekend is Xenosaga Episode III on the PS2. Splendid game.
omer666 18 May
Trying out my brand new Logitech MX518 Legendary playing some of my favourite FPS, namely Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament 2004 and Painkiller HD. Also got to try it on CS:GO.

After two Razers and a SteelSeries Rival 300, plus a fair amount of non-gaming mice (including Apple mice from my Mac-era), I've got got tell you it's the best mouse ever. The worst I had is the SteelSeries, felt cheap and ended up having the two click buttons rubbing each other which made it uncomfortable to play with. I loved my Razors but let's be honest, they don't look serious enough on a workstation, and they are not tank-built like the MX518. Also each had its own flaw, like the Abyssus' lift distance which was... well... abysmal. The Copperhead from my Quake clanarena days was also not very comfortable, I mainly played claw-grip at the time. On those two I had the same issue with the wheel, which is really tough in the beginning and breaks after a year or two. Their wheels are not meant to be used for everyday computing and that's irritating.

The MX518's Hero sensor is just amazing, best tracking I ever had, and that's coming from a Pixart 3360. I'm impressed.
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