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Come tell us about what you've been gaming on Linux lately

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Another week down, plenty of new games have released or been updated and we're about to begin another cycle. Let's have a chat.

With the recent huge Stellaris 2.7 update, we were going to be diving into a fresh multiplayer game with excitement to look at all the new visuals. Sadly though, it appears the latest update has numerous problems that caused all sorts of lag and sync issues. Thankfully, Paradox keep around older versions on Steam you can opt into with the 2.6.x series still working well. Issues aside, Stellaris is such a fantastic RTS overall to sink a great many hours into.

Into the Breach has also been sucking up more time lately, as a small and focused strategy game it's pretty close to perfection. I'm really not surprised it has reviewed so well. Subset Games also continue to tweak the Linux build to ensure it's running smoothly.

Across today though I've been quite sick, so thanks to Stadia I've been able to just sit back and relax with a flawless Assassin's Creed Odyssey experience to just zone-out with. It's nice to have another option if your net is good enough. The developer of firefighting game Embr also sent over a pre-release Stadia key to us, and it's quite amusing. Something to look forward to when it arrives in Early Access next week (no Linux desktop release for now).

I'm also highly jealous of everyone who has a VR kit now that Half-Life: Alyx is available on Linux. Hopefully it's working well, it looks pretty incredible and sounds like Valve did a really fantastic job on it. Half-Life: Alyx has now passed twenty-five thousand user reviews on Steam too!

Additionally, while I've not played it myself, it appears DOOM Eternal became the first game to get the brand new Denuvo Anti-Cheat (different to the DRM). This made it instantly unplayable on Linux under Steam Play Proton. Another thorn in our side. However, according to TechRaptor who spoke to Michail Greshishchev, Product Owner at Denuvo Anti-Cheat they said:

We've been tracking the Proton issue immediately after launch and are committed to delivering a fix soon. This isn't a request coming to us from a publisher or anything like that - we genuinely respect such an enthusiast community and regret introducing this incompatibility on day 1

So at least there's some sort of hope on the horizon about DOOM Eternal single-player working again on Linux under Proton.

Quick tip for parents: currently on Steam the LEGO NINJAGO game is 100% off making it free to keep, seems to work well in Steam Play proton. That deal will last until May 22.

Over to you in the comments: what have you been gaming on Linux lately?

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Pavel 18 May, 2020
I've finished Shadow Tactics and started Knights and Merchants, a game from my childhood. Yes, I am a kind of oldfag.
Faalhaas 18 May, 2020
Been playing VirtuaVerse from GOG.

Tested Half-Life: Alyx native, but my NVIDIA causes more stuttering in Linux than in our beloved Windows :). So I am hoping buying an AMD will solve that my next hardware upgrade.

By the way, shouldn't Steam list Half-Life: Alyx as a Linux (Steam Play) game now?
Pompesdesky 18 May, 2020
I'm playing Battlefild V via Lutris, except for times when it won't load for no obvious reason it plays really well, multiplayer and all ^_^
riusma 18 May, 2020
Insurgency even if I didn't have much time to play last week unfortunately... Maybe I will have a look at Ground Branch through Proton (seems to run well according to Protondb) after their next update as a new tactical shooter (we are definitively lacking in that field), hopping that it will be possible to have an easy to setup listen server in the near future (they will probably have an anticheat that will block Proton in the end). :)
Cimeryd 18 May, 2020
Star Wars: The Old Republic on Linux, runs really well and while the jedi storylines seemed a bit dull, there's a treasure trove of good storylines on other classes. Currently running a smuggler trying to chase down the bantha-breath con artist who stole my ship, while killing bounty hunters sent after me for not delivering the cargo on said ship.

NBA 2K20 on PS4, because I have the itch and my Timberwolves need another wing to pair with Okogie, Culver and Beasley. We've been losing a bunch, but now that I get more minutes, we're suddenly on a 4 game winning streak.

Star Wars: Fallen Order on PS4, it was on sale a while back, and it gives that old Jedi Academy vibe. Only on my second planet, so time will tell, but so far it's fun.
Schbezzy 18 May, 2020
- Diablo III - Reaper of Souls via Lutris

- Path of Exile via Lutris

- Dungeon Siege II - via Proton in Window Mode


- Borderlands II & Borderlands Pre-Sequel (Currently I have a bug that prevents the games from starting)

- Northgard

- Hitman - Free Trial

- Grey Hack

and the usual suspect Minecraft
Dodger 18 May, 2020
I played through Iratus: Lord of the dead on easy mode (cakewalk). I continue with the next difficulty level (more pain). The game is neat. I like it.
The Lord of the Ring Online via Lutris. My first mmo, and the only one i keep playing from time to time.

Street Fighter 5. Very nice, but i still miss the parry of street fighter 3

Train Sim World. Nice game to play while you're watching some streams or listening to some podcasts
Dunc 18 May, 2020
Quoting: omicron-bPlayed through Red Faction Guerrilla (Proton) just because I liked the first game as a child, turns out the game is quite fun.
It's the only Red Faction game I've played to any great extent, and I absolutely loved it. There's nothing quite as cathartic as smashing up Martian buildings with a big hammer. :)

Quoting: soulsourceI've been "playing" Elite Dangerous.

I would have to lie if I said I was completely sober when I accepted a tourist contract two weeks ago. A tourist contract to "Dancing with Giants", 33k lightyears from LHS 331, where the contract started.
Oops. I picked up a 6000t transport contract a month or two ago, playing solo. I wish I could blame alcohol, but my only excuse is that I hadn't played it in a while and I'd forgotten how much that is. It wasn't too far, fortunately, but that was the whole evening gone.
Beamboom 18 May, 2020
Quoting: PatolaThank you. Wishlisted all your suggestions, except for Paper Cut that I couldn't find. It is not on Steam, right?

Ah damn, sorry that's a typo, my bad: Not Paper Cuts, but BUDGET Cuts! Yeah it's on Steam and it is marvellous. It's just never been cooler to sneak around.

There's a sequel to it too, but I've not tried it yet. Judging from the user reviews it seems to essentially be "more of the same", but I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing in this case.

Last edited by Beamboom on 18 May 2020 at 12:01 pm UTC
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