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Metro Exodus is still planned to release for Linux and macOS

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4A Games have confirmed in an official 10th anniversary update post today that Metro Exodus is still going to release for Linux and macOS as well.

They gave a small overview in the post about what's been going on like celebrating the first release of Metro 2033 which arrived back in March 2010. Not only that, they recently got acquired by Embracer Group who also control Koch Media, Saber Interactive, THQ Nordic and others. Specifically, 4A Games are now an independently run subsidiary of Saber Interactive.

For people waiting on official Linux support for Metro Exodus, there's good news. While it has been confirmed for a while now, they have been somewhat quiet on it. When mentioning about bringing it to the latest consoles with the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 they also said this:

Aside from these enhanced versions for Gen 9, we recently brought Metro Exodus to more players through Amazon’s ‘Luna’ streaming service; and we’re also working on dedicated Linux* and Mac versions of the game. We’ll share more information about these closer to release.

*Emphasis ours.

Also confirmed is a new Metro game that is officially under development. They're not sharing anything on that, other than it being built for all modern tech as it's targeting PCs and the latest consoles. 4A also confirmed their commitment to "delivering a great story driven single player experience". On top of that, with Saber's help they're exploring a proper multiplayer Metro title but it's not clear if it will be part of the next Metro game or a title by itself.

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TheLinuxPleb 25 Nov, 2020
I will probably buy this as well if on Linux. Was already once thinking of it, but was waiting for Linux release.
vskye 25 Nov, 2020
Quoting: CatKiller
Quoting: vskyeAwesome news, since I bought this game already.., anticipating a Linux release. It's rated as Platinum on ProtonDB as is btw.
I'm not going to tell other people how to spend their money.

Buying on Linux and playing through Proton counts as a Linux sale, which is good, and shows that there's a market of Linux gamers. Sales on Linux after they've released a Linux version show that it's profitable to support Linux. If they'll get the sale anyway, without providing any support, then there's less incentive for them to give that support. It's the support costs that scare devs, and they'd really like to know that they're going to get their money back.

Just something to think about.

I totally agree, and that's what I normally do. This one was one of those exceptions for some reason.
Hori 25 Nov, 2020
Just wondering... is the Mac version going to be an ARM version?

In any case, a Linux version is enough to convince me to buy it.
I wasn't big into the series but was planning to buy it until they removed it from Steam to make it an Epic exclusive, which I didn't appreciate in the slightest, so I skipped it.
But now, well, it's (will be) all there waiting for me to use it without a hassle and messing with other stores with new accounts or compatibility issues, so yeah, I'll buy it.

Last edited by Hori on 25 November 2020 at 5:48 pm UTC
dude 25 Nov, 2020
  • Supporter
Sure, I have 3 euro for it. It was fun while it lasted.
CatKiller 25 Nov, 2020
Quoting: MohandevirWhat's sad about this title is that it went through an Epic exclusivity deal (not going to go any further than that) and then, a year later, we got it on Steam (Windows only). It's been over 9 months since the release on Steam... All in all, the game has been available for a little less than 2 years and still nothing about the Linux version... I really wanted to wait for it, but I began to think that 4A had probably given up on it. So, what was I suppose to do? Now I know that I was probably wrong (the Linux version is not out yet and there is no firm date either), but at that moment, I tought the choice was to wait for a port that may never happen or buy it and play it with Proton...

I understand the stakes, but all that stuff about Proton vs Natives is giving me headaches in cases like this...

Neither you nor vskye, nor anyone else that played it through Proton did anything wrong by doing so. It's a brilliant solution: you get to enjoy the game on Linux, they get to know that they made a Linux sale. It really is the second-best outcome, and for many games there isn't a better solution at all. My position is that, in aggregate, we'd like devs to make more money if they don't break their game in Proton, and even more money if they support Linux.
Avehicle7887 25 Nov, 2020
Nice to see it still coming, personally I finished including DLC through Wine, this will be an excuse to re play it.

The game is awesome and worth every penny.
mos 25 Nov, 2020
They can go underground again and then resurface with the exact same message another year later. But better than nothing I guess.
mos 25 Nov, 2020
Quoting: CatKillerIt's a brilliant solution
physically shuddered at this. BDSM much?
mos 25 Nov, 2020
Quoting: rustybroomhandleTheir port uses dxvk
Port of what?
slaapliedje 25 Nov, 2020
View PC info
  • Supporter Plus
Quoting: undeadbydawnit's on Humble sale right now if you haven't already
Here's a fun observation:
Back in the day, pre-steam on Linux, the porting houses would always take a long while to release the Linux version, and then would of course charge full price for it, as they had to make their money back from getting the license to port, etc. So we'd end up paying full price for a game that had been out for potentially years.

Fast forward to today, thanks to Steam and having one purchase per all available platforms, and thanks to Humble Bundle, if the developer ends up taking a long time to port the game, it's likely to already show up on Humble Bundle, or a Steam sale. Really, the developers now are kind of forced to do same day (or near enough to) release, if they actually want to make the full amount on their games.

Kind of weird though, as I'd pay full price for it being native, but at the same time would be rather stupid if I did when it's on sale...

To be fair, I haven't even beaten the first game...
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