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One of the developers from Bohemia Interactive who's active in our community is asking to see how much interest there is in the Linux port of Arma 3 [Steam Page]. Currently, the Linux (and Mac) ports of Arma 3 from Virtual Programming are hidden from the Steam store page, because Bohemia Interactive class them as experimental. You can install it from Steam like any other game, it's just not advertised.

The developer, who goes by the nickname Dwarden, has asked me to make it clear that this is not an official poll. They're simple trying to find out just how much community interest there is.

On their Discord, they've pinned a message in the "linux_mac_branch" channel that reads:

How many users @here use Linux / Mac ports or may get interested to use ?
(especially if the delay time of port shortens after the Windows release ? )
{you can use reaction to add to the counter(s)}
{just to be clear this unofficial poll is for insight}

You can join their Discord using this link, to let them know your thoughts and add to the "reaction counter" if it's important to you. Once you're in their discord, if you have trouble finding the message here's a direct link (only works if you've joined).

Naturally, commenting here as well will also help so they can see outside interest and for those of you who don't like Discord you can also make yourselves known.

Personally, I quite enjoyed the last time I jumped in with a bunch of members from the community, it performed reasonably well and we all had a really great time. It's a pretty fascinating game, one I wouldn't experience without a Linux port so I really do hope they keep pushing forwards to eventually have it properly advertised on Steam.

Of course, not having it actually advertised won't really help since people won't know unless they're told about it. There's also nothing else like it on Linux, so I feel it's quite important.

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obranco 3 Aug, 2018
Definitely interested here! I bought the game knowing that it was an experimental port just to support the port itself. I wish I could play it in multiplayer!
Backlund 3 Aug, 2018
I would love to see shorter delay, last update we got like one week to play before the windows version got the next update.
Knucks 3 Aug, 2018
I have been very pleased with this port and has always run decent and im getting decent fps now on mesa drivers around medium/high settings. Only issue i have is the game has problems with dealing with multiple monitors. I cant comment on online as i only play solo. Hope dayz is next for porting!.
madpinger 3 Aug, 2018
I'd love to jump on board with this, but I can't honestly say I'd play it, or buy it. So I wish you all luck on getting full support. ^.^
GustyGhost 3 Aug, 2018
I am interested only in games which support my platform unconditionally and whose developers don't expect me to sing and dance to "gauge interest" like some kind of lap dog.

Also Discord is a terrible thing to impose on anyone.
shawnsterp 3 Aug, 2018
I'm kind of interested... But, how long has it been "experimental"? I'll be damned if I'm going to buy a game that is not officially supported. And, given the sheer amount of bugs ppl are talking about here, I would probably wait and see if it is any good before I bothered to pull the trigger. Maybe if it had been officially supported 2 years ago I would have been more excited. But now? I guess I'd rather support stuff that actually supports me.
Termy 3 Aug, 2018
the biggest reason i haven't bought it yet is the version-issue...two doze-friends are playing it from time to time and they are the ones i'd like to join ^^
riusma 3 Aug, 2018
Just run a quick session to see if it works (with my configuration) since the last update and the answer is "yes"! :) The game can be a pain to configure on multimonitor environment (made the error to reset my settings one time, had to remember the way to set the game back on my principal monitor, will never ever make this error again) but works very well, at least on my PC (Nvidia GPU), even if I only play solo (Laws of War DLC has a good story)! Virtual Programming makes a good port of Arma 3 imho (would not call it "experimental", or I want more experimentations like this one ^^)! :)
raneon 3 Aug, 2018
If the game supports Vulkan, I will buy it immediately. Maybe this would allow them to fix the today's issues with the game.
Leopard 3 Aug, 2018
raneonIf the game supports Vulkan, I will buy it immediately. Maybe this would allow them to fix the today's issues with the game.

Probably it won't since VP has no experience with Vulkan based on their last activities.
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