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none of your beeswax!

Egosoft plans new Linux ports for X3

By whizse,
Linux Game Publishing recently lost the license they had for selling the X-series of games. Now, we know why. The developer Egosoft is taking care of the porting themselve...

Heroes of Newerth goes free-to-play (again)

By whizse,
S2 Games is no stranger to letting go of the reins when it comes to their games. Both titles in the Savage series has been released free of charge. Their latest title, the two year old Heroes of Newert...

First screenshot from Wasteland 2

By whizse,
Brian Fargo and the team behind Wasteland 2 has released a first screenshot from the game and it looks promising. ...

SpaceVenture Kickstarter still struggling

By whizse,
Kickstarter has been pretty good to what was once called a dying genre, adventure games. Both the Doublefine Adventure and the Leisure Suit Larry remake had no trouble getting funded. Unfortunately this has not yet translated to success for another projec...

Carmageddon for Linux needs another 70 grand

By whizse,
The Kickstarter for Carmageddon: Reincarnation quickly reached the funding goal of $400 000. Unfortunately the bar for Linux and Mac ports of the ga...

Kickstart all of the games!

By whizse,
Game funding on Kickstarter is alive and well. With a little help from friends we have taken a second look at some titles that could be of interest to Linux gamers. More RPG goodness! Jordan Weisman is doing a sequel to

Trine 2 officially released for Linux

By whizse,
The long awaited sequel to Trine is now finally released for Linux. A lot of eager gamers already bought the game via the Humble Store and has already had access to an early release of the port, but it's now

Avadon: The Black Fortress @ Gameolith

By whizse,
Those of you who missed out on the last Humble Android Bundle, here's a chance to grab Avadon: The Black Fortress as it's exclusively

Mozilla launches BrowserQuest

By whizse,
Games on the web equals Flash, or at least it used to, before the advent of HTML5. Eager to showcase this, and a lot of other cross-platform web tech, Mozilla has launched BrowserQuest....

Setting the record straight about Heroes of Forevia

By whizse,
Anthony Bertolo, lead developer for Heroes of Forevia dr...

Wasteland 2 for Linux confirmed

By whizse,
The Kickstarter fund drive for Wasteland 2 has now passed the magic $1.5 million marker which means that a Linux (and Mac) port is officially a go. Brian Fargo actually ...

Kickstarter fever

By whizse,
Kickstarter fever seems to have gripped the gaming community, from the big names like Tim Schafer and Brian Fargo, to the indies. Here's a selection of projects and the chances they have for a Linux port:

Gaming news catchup via Ubuntu Vibes

By whizse,
Ubuntu Vibes which, despite the name, posts general Linux gaming news, have covered some interesting topics the previous weeks. So here is a roundup of some interesting titles;

Tiberium Alliances open beta

By whizse,
This news is a couple of days old, but I noticed that C&C: Tiberium Alliances is in open beta. Only the GDI faction is playable at the moment, and the game requires creating an EA a...

Wasteland 2 Kickstarted

By whizse,
*Post taken from forum and moved to news by Rustybolts* I noticed that the The Kickstarter for Wasteland 2 is launched, and it looks like it's going to be another big one (like the Double Fine Adventure) as they have already ra...
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