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SteamVR Headset From HTC To Release Windows Only First
22 June 2015 at 7:07 pm UTC Likes: 3

I'd say who cares, but I know a lot of you do. Personally I can't see myself investing into anything VR related until they come up with an implementation without the bulky headset. Hell, even 3D glasses are barely worth the annoyance.

Grumpy old man out.

Sony Is Creating A List Of Crowdfunding Projects To Gauge Interest
21 June 2015 at 9:46 am UTC Likes: 1

InsperatusUS law was changed to allow businesses to also take advantage of crowdfunding, and good! This is the change I want to see in the world, it's just the beginning.
No surprise there. US law is changed on a regular basis to cater for big business. Of course game developers want to sell promises and get risk-free funding. Who wouldn't. I'm very pessimistic about this leading to anything much beyond the obvious.

Crowdfunding does provide a way for smaller developers and creators to bypass publishers and get their products into the market. Some of my favorite new games wouldn't exist without it. Still I'd bet my left kidney you'll be disappointed if you think this will lead to anything (especially legislation in the USA) that directly benefits us as consumers at the expense of game companies.

Your dream of AAA games being open-sourced after their initial funding goals are met is fun, but is very likely to remain a fantasy. I can see it happening with some indie titles, why not. It's entirely up to the developer after all. The bigger companies are obviously unwilling if not unable to give up on a lion's share of the profit.

Alienware Show Off Their SteamOS Steam Machine, Looking Very Positive, More Games To Come
20 June 2015 at 10:09 am UTC

CybaCowboyJust ask Dell Australia about Linux-based operating systems, and you'll quickly get the usual "We do not endorse or offer any form of support for Linux-based operating systems; we recommend and support only Microsoft operating systems"... Dell overseas may be enthusiastic about Linux-based operating systems, but locally (i.e. in Australia), they're still very pro-Microsoft.
Yeah, you Aussies get the short end of the stick once again. As far as I know, they offer Ubuntu on most of their business laptops and desktops in North America, most European countries and many Asian countries like China and India. I have no idea about the consumer side of things. Not that you can find a single Dell Linux offering on the shelves of your local retailer. At least I haven't seen any. Makes sense I guess, from a purely business perspective. You gotta sell what people use and want.

Personally I bought a Dell business laptop for work a couple of years back preinstalled with Ubuntu. Never ran it though before replacing the slightly outdated OS with a more recent Mint. Dell's customer support has been excellent thus far for the hardware, but I have no real experience with the software side of things. I wouldn't mind having other brands to choose from the next time I'm looking for a business laptop. The E6420 has been a bit disappointing in terms of hardware and build quality.

Steam Hardware Available For Pre-order & Early Delivery
10 June 2015 at 10:31 am UTC

MGOidI wonder if this joypad will have good support from the current Linux games. A good bunch of the ones I have only work with the Xbox 360 controller.
I'd bet good Xbox 360 controller emulation is pretty high on Valve's list, seeing as it's been pretty much the official Steam controller until now. We'll just have to wait for the first tests later in the year. Personally I'm a bit worried about the lack of a d-pad, but I guess I'll still have my good old Logitech for the games that need one.

GOL Survey Results: May
9 June 2015 at 11:22 am UTC Likes: 2

lucifertdarkI still have a Windows partition but it's not exclusively for playing games, I use Lightroom to edit photos, if the day comes where the Linux offerings are as good as Lightroom I will switch & have one less reason for keeping Windows around.
I think Darktable is awesome, but then again, I'm just a hobbyist with relatively basic needs. Also I've never used Lightroom, so no way to compare. In any case it's worth trying out if you haven't already.

GOL Survey Results: May
9 June 2015 at 7:37 am UTC

WorMzy... i3 is still there for some reason..
i3 is great, [...]
I'm sure it's a nice window manager, but it's not a DE.

GOL Cast: Running And Gunning In A Sandstorm In Spec Ops: The Line
8 June 2015 at 1:54 pm UTC Likes: 2

MGOid@tuubiWell, actually, Wine performance is better than the VP ports. And Wine works with all kind of software.
Wish things were that rosy with wine. Please, try playing the games VP has ported with EOn using wine instead and report back. A look at wine's appdb sure doesn't bode well.

There are tons of old games that work great with wine, but often require a lot of fiddling and - well - some luck. Sure, I hear POL makes things easier, but hardly as easy as installing a pre-wrapped game and just playing. Personally I'm not attached enough to any windows-only games to find it all worth the effort.

IMHO EOn is better than nothing for older games, even if it is the easy/cheap way out. In any case VP is not the one to blame here. It's the game's developer or publisher paying VP to do their thing.

EDIT: typo

GOL Cast: Running And Gunning In A Sandstorm In Spec Ops: The Line
8 June 2015 at 8:10 am UTC Likes: 2

MGOidI'm praying to God that all of the others big names that will launch in the near future, like Grid, Batman or Witcher 3.
AFAIK Grid and Batman are already confirmed to be native. No idea if anything's been officially confirmed about W3 despite Valve's teasing. Besides, I very much doubt VP programmers are incompetent. Unless you think wine developers are incompetent as long as wine isn't perfect. The performance "penalty" is just the price of wrapping instead of actually porting, and this decision wasn't made by VP.

Steam Hardware Available For Pre-order & Early Delivery
6 June 2015 at 4:23 pm UTC

I'd love it if the controller can comfortably replace the keyboard/mouse combo on the living room sofa even for some of the use cases. That's what Valve tells us but I won't buy anything until I see actual tests from unbiased reviewers. I have no interest in Steam Link or the pre-built Steam Machines though.
kalinIt's seems Bulgaria is also excluded. It's probably available only for USA Canada and England as always.
Not quite. Seems to be available in most Western European and Nordic countries at least.

Desura owner Bad JuJu Games files for bankruptcy
6 June 2015 at 1:47 pm UTC Likes: 11

GoCorinthiansHasta la vista. STEAM FTW!
A monopoly never benefits you as a consumer. You want Steam to have competition, believe it or not.

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