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Microsoft Build - DirectX and Linux (WSL) plus more
20 May 2020 at 9:40 am UTC Likes: 4

Liam Dawe
Liam Dawe
QuoteHow long before extinguish phase starts?

Never. Not because they don't want to, but because the importance of Linux as a whole is way bigger that than the worst-of-both-worlds WSL system can ever be. It simply doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.
Never say never when it's Microsoft. Changed in some ways, not at all in others ;)

You could argue that trying to pull developers from Linux to stick with Windows, and just use WSL for ML/AI/CUDA is part of an extinguish strategy. It is when you think of it quite literally, as keeping people on WSL where they control it. All depends on your point of view and what we're referencing when we say extinguish.

But the landscape is different. EEE applied to things microsoft could control in some way. The battle fought against Linux was lost long ago and the foothold that Linux has in the total market is way too big for EEE to work. Sure they can do the first E. They can try to do the second E, but it is doomed to fail because it won't find significant adoption. Which means the third one is out of the question.

To me the whole WSL thing is a curiosity. They made a Linux kernel work on Windows in a VM like manner, but what is the point? To have your Linux service go down with a windows update? Making things dependent on two systems instead of one is a guaranteed way to make it less reliable. As a whole WSL actually looks the same as Stadia. Sure, there is a narrow niche that might see an advantage in it and would use it, but it is not objectively better and will therefore be ignored by the big crowds.
An interesting viewpoint. I'm curious then to find out how much adoption WSL has seen, if they made a bigger and better version of it with WSL 2 and now they're expanding it again - does that not mean the opposite of what you said? It must be getting a reasonably good adoption rate for MSFT to pour resources into it?
Just a sidenote: If this is some kind of a long-term strategy of MS's, such a thing as an immediate adoption might not be really important.

(I tend to think in a similar manner when talking about SteamMachines or Valve's Linux support: The goal of these two exercises is rather long term, and probably quite different that an immediate user adoption/market share/business revenue).

Egosoft, developer of X4: Foundations talks up moving to Blender and appreciating open source
11 May 2020 at 7:39 pm UTC

I have a friend who "bought" Star Citizen some years ago.
He keeps sending videos how awesome it will be.
He is also still awaiting a full release.....

With my X4 - Collector's Edition I'm playing for quite a time, got the awesome expansion and I'm not looking back
Some parts of the game still need some polish and work, but it is a hugely awesome and entertaining simulation with countless possibilities of what a small player in a huge universe can do and achieve.

Slick roguelike 'Jupiter Hell' has a huge update out with Master Traits, new weapons and more
29 April 2020 at 7:56 pm UTC

Great game!
Although I believed that the skill from one run is transferred to consecutive runs.

It is not

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has now beaten the all-time player record of Dota 2
18 April 2020 at 4:49 pm UTC

rustybroomhandleAh yeah, Valorant, another game we likely will not ever be able to run with Proton due to it using very low-level anticheat.
Your mean like Ring-0 rootkit-level anticheat?
Well, I will not shed any tears for this one...

...unless one plays competitively, of course; that is a different scenario.

Help GamingOnLinux beat Coronavirus, join us on Folding@home
10 April 2020 at 6:24 pm UTC Likes: 1

Yay - I had a couple of CPU-only projects to fold today

What have you been playing recently? Come tell us what you think about it
6 April 2020 at 7:21 am UTC

- Stellaris (after the release of Federations DLC) => Very nice update, really worth it...
- X4: Foundations (after the release of Split Vendetta DLC). Very nice update, lots of bugs fixed (some new introduced). Really worth it
- World of Warships => just tryint it out. Very good... for a weekend, then a bit repetitive
- Bioshock Remastered Edition => Oh my! A wonderful game. Like System Shock 2, just in 4K. Just awesome
- Unity3D => spent already around 10 hours of tutorials & 2 other full days fiddling with it.... Building my 1st space empire game

Ubuntu 20.04 has hit Beta (as have all the extra flavours) - help make it a release to remember
4 April 2020 at 10:52 am UTC Likes: 1

I'm running on 19.10 as my daily work and home driver...
Oh my, I just can't wait for it

Prepare your space legs for X4: Split Vendetta and the massive 3.0 free update
3 April 2020 at 1:38 pm UTC

Boldos(After ~150h spent in X3 and 200+ hours playing this beauty, I'm seriously thinking about "trying" HOTAS [never used one before] )
To be frank, although I love using HOTAS to play my spaceship games, I have to admit it is very tiresome compared to a gamepad or device like the Steam Controller. Besides that, from what I've seen it does not allow for greater skill, sometimes even seems you're somewhat handicapped compared to other devices, because you are dealing with something bigger and more cumbersome. What the HOTAS kits seem to deliver is a more realistic and mechanical experience which might help immersion. So if my impression holds, if you have always played in other ways and do not have the urge to feel like a pilot in a cabin, there is no point in buying a HOTAS kit.
Steam Controller with X4?
Hmmmm, I actually managed to buy one cheap the last time it went on sale (for the last time ), so I actually might try this combo!

You keep giving me ideas to try and find new ways how to enjoy X4!
Thanks guys!

Prepare your space legs for X4: Split Vendetta and the massive 3.0 free update
3 April 2020 at 11:13 am UTC

BoldosI read that X4 support for HOTAS is not that great, unfortunately.
Is that correct?
I've tested for long hours with a Thrustmaster Warthog and my current HOTAS, which is a Logitech X52 Pro. Both worked wonderfully. Besides the pre-made profiles, I was able to configure them very much the way I liked. I cannot imagine how could someone say its support is anything else than stellar. And I configured the same HOTAS kits on Elite, and the X52 Pro on Star Citizen and other games, to have a suffiently good parameter for comparison.

What is the criticism, specifically? What did you "heard" about its support?
I saw some rants about this on Steam X4 phorums, Youtube and Reddit.

Some of the topics:

Yeah, I know, majority are really old, on the other hand, there are rather lots of them, and some of these are rather new... So that is why I'm asking here, if the issues are still present, or if there was any significant progress on this?

(After ~150h spent in X3 and 200+ hours playing this beauty, I'm seriously thinking about "trying" HOTAS [never used one before] )

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