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SteamVR has another beta up, with plenty of Linux fixes and other improvements
10 July 2019 at 9:32 am UTC

beniwtvI think you misunderstood me there

My point wasn't that there are no good VR games, far from it. Just that there aren't very many of them (still, there are more than I have time to play currently).

Beat Saber is an AMAZING game to me, it hooked me instantly. And it's beautiful for VR.

Right now my list of favourites are (with some upcoming ones):
- Arizona Sunshine
- Beat Saber
- Boneworks (will hopefully be good when it comes out, so I'll include it here)
- Budget Cuts (this SEEMS good, doesn't currently run for me tho)
- Elite: Dangerous
- Everspace
- No Man's Sky (will also hopefully be good when VR update comes out)
- Serious Sam VR games
- Star Citizen (if they ever finish adding Vulkan and VR)
- Star Trek: Bridge Crew
- Talos Principle
- The Gallery series
- The Solus Project

I'd love to know what everyone's favourite VR games are, maybe we can discover some hidden gems people are playing

Ok, i misunderstood you.

games that i also like a lot are:
- Moss
- Zero Caliber
- Tales of Glory (the new beta with campaign looks very promising!)
- Superhot VR (works also great on linux)
- Gorn (i destroyed a very expensive mirror while playing. but netherless i love this game)

SteamVR has another beta up, with plenty of Linux fixes and other improvements
9 July 2019 at 9:33 pm UTC

beniwtvTo be honest I am more concerned about the lack of good VR games for ANY platform on Steam. There are only a handful, most of the VR titles on Steam aren't really games or good. Not sure how the situation is on 'Viveport' or platforms like that, couldn't get that to work in Proton or Wine yet.

Good Proton/Wine and native VR games already mostly work for me, so I have plenty to play. Probably more than I will have time to.

i don't think so. there are a lot of good games, that are well made for vr and are a lot of fun. that you can't do games the same way like 2d should be known.
i put more than 200h in Beatsaber, would never tell anyone this isn't a good game.
i played onward a very lot, because the mechanics are good and it is a lot of fun.

i don't know what you hope to play, but games like CoD xx wouldn't work in vr. and it would be to much for nowadays gpus.

SteamVR has another beta up, with plenty of Linux fixes and other improvements
9 July 2019 at 6:11 pm UTC

i just started it now and didn't hat to change any settings like reprojection anymore. even runs at 90hz now. but there aren't a lot of games that run on linux right now. thats a bummer.

The Lion King, Aladdin and The Jungle Book no longer available on Steam, some about to leave GOG too
8 July 2019 at 6:54 pm UTC

Thanks for the info. just bought all of them via g2a before the keys get expensive.

Supraland 2, a sequel to the highly rated first-person metroidvania is crowdfunding and coming to Linux
30 June 2019 at 1:39 pm UTC

i really would like to back this, but i have such a big pile of shame, that i should resist this urge.

With the Valve Index about to launch and be delivered, Valve held a little private launch party with speeches
30 June 2019 at 1:07 pm UTC Likes: 3

Ok, so I tested the Valve-Index with several games for hours and my experience especially for Linux (Hardware is tested elsewhere enough) is as follows:

I played some Linux games before on the HTC Vive. Games that worked before and were quiet playable were Beatsaber, Pavlov and Arizona Sunshine, The Lab (most of the areas, and my beloved strong-bow) and of course the native Linux-builds of Croteams games like Serious Sam First Encounter and The Talos Principle.

With the Index however I found it really hard to play on Linux. The Proton/SteamVR-combination works very bad. Most of the tested games were just running smoothly when i downgraded from 90hz to 80hz and set the quality from 100% to 70%. For all games I had to set Reprojection off in SteamVR. This is also mentioned a lot in the issue-tracker of SteamVR for Linux. I am using a Nvidia GTX 1070 Windforce OC which should run the games without problems, but it seems the power gets blown into nowhere.

I tested the same games in windows and they ran in full resolution with 90hz and 100% quality like a charm. So it seems it‘s not the hardware that causes the problem here.

And now for the games. There were some highlights that ran well, but let first come to the ... yeah well... disappointments:

Arizona Sunshine which worked before now doesn't work anymore (i looked up Protondb and some fellow already pointed this out)
The Lab doesn't work anymore (doesn't start, same as Arizona, also already in Protondb)
Pavlov worked well after setting to 80hz and 70% .
Zero Caliber works on 80hz and 70% and very low settings in game (on windows i can play on high without problem) (Worked before on Vive 1 without a problem)
SuperhotVR works great at 80hz and 70% quality and maybe because the original Superhot was optimized for Linux this particular game ran also on 90hz and 100% quality like a charm (but maybe because of the style of game the gpu doesn't have that much to work)
the Unwelcomed which is a Linux native just started the VR-mode with forcing Proton and then it suddenly quit while selecting a level.
Keep talking and nobody explodes also ran on VR after forcing Proton. this worked right well on 100% after setting to 80hz.
Everspace ran after adding "-vr" to the starting options, but quit suddenly right after the start menu and the beginning of a mission. With Proton again it runs, but not well. I had to lower the graphics-quality a lot to have it smooth running.
Rise of the Tomb Raider neither work for Linux-VR. Not as Linux native and not with forced steam play. it just quits without even getting an intro or menu.
Moss started well and fastly but didn't accept any input of neither the index controllers nor the vive wands.
Beatsaber ran really well with 80hz and 100% quality. with 90hz it was a bit laggy when to many boxes came flowing towards you.

I didn't try games like Onward, because in the past the Anticheat-System kicked me out of the Menu right on start. We have to wait till EAC and BattleEye are integrated in Proton.

All in all these tests didn't run to well. A lot of games work, but with a high loss of quality. Some games worked before and now don't anymore. But there is hope that this will be solved with further Proton-developements. Maybe Valve will have a closer look on getting some VR-titles to work after they launched their Index.

Now, to not go out of this saddened:
The games from Croteam, not only optimized for Linux but also for Linux-VR work great without any quality loss.
The Sound in Serious Sam the first encounter was awesome with the Index and in The Talos Principle i got blown away by this gods voice, full and strong in my ears. I was very surprised to see the Vive Index-Controllers be well implemented in Talos. It was fun trying metalfingers and indecent gestures with these Robot-hands. These Games worked on high settings with 90hz and 100% without a hassle.

With the Valve Index about to launch and be delivered, Valve held a little private launch party with speeches
29 June 2019 at 10:20 am UTC Likes: 2

I sure will test some linux-games this weekend. But i am not good at writing reviews. maybe i just sum it up in the comments

With the Valve Index about to launch and be delivered, Valve held a little private launch party with speeches
28 June 2019 at 2:15 pm UTC Likes: 3

slaapliedjeThe Index seems much lighter than both the Original Vive (I had pre-ordered mine) and the Vive Pro.
I put it on a scale and its just 30g difference. But i had the impression at first too

With the Valve Index about to launch and be delivered, Valve held a little private launch party with speeches
28 June 2019 at 10:02 am UTC Likes: 11

Got my index today. after disabling reprojection it works great. now i have to wait till proton will pass battle-eye to play onward all day long
had no problems with the vive,
had a lot of problems with the vive pro,
i am sooooooo glad i can play now on linux again with the valve index.

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