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Latest Comments by g000h
Mad Max to release on 20th of October for Linux & SteamOS, being ported by Feral Interactive
5 October 2016 at 11:32 am UTC Likes: 1

If anyone wants to risk buying it now, 2 weeks before its Linux release, I spotted a sweet deal here:

66% off the full price.

Mad Max to release on 20th of October for Linux & SteamOS, being ported by Feral Interactive
5 October 2016 at 10:40 am UTC

Bought this as part of a Humble Bundle (Monthly) quite some time ago, while it was at a very nice price. Back then, I'd been aware that it was very likely to be coming to Linux, so I took a chance on it. Even if I wasn't going to play on Linux, I still have the option to boot to Windows and play there instead (although that is something I avoid most of the time).

So, I'm very happy that it's nearly there on Linux now, because I already own it. (The same thing happened with Rocket League, a month ago). It seems that wishes do come true.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, Chaos Rising and Retribution announced for Linux this month!
23 September 2016 at 9:01 pm UTC

Very happy about this. I got "Retribution" in a bundle, back when it only worked on Windows. Now, that unused game will now work on Linux, where I prefer to use it. Unfortunately, my purchase probably counts towards "Windows" users in the Steam stats. Meanwhile, I read recently that Linux desktops (across the world) now account for 2.0% users or more.

'SOMA' from Frictional Games sales figures released, Linux accounted for around 1.1% of sales
23 September 2016 at 8:51 pm UTC

I haven't bought Soma, but I am interested in it. I buy lots of Linux games (on sales), but from time to time, I buy a Windows-only release, because either (a) I might resort to Windows to play it, or (b) I'm aware it is likely to come to Linux. [For instance, I got Rocket League, 4 months before it got ported to Linux, but didn't play it until I got it on Linux.]

Stats like this (1.1% Linux buyers) might not indicate the people who are dual-booting, but prefer to play on Linux (e.g. me).

Rocket League released for SteamOS, it's in beta
9 September 2016 at 1:59 am UTC Likes: 1

Probably about an hour after it came available for Linux/SteamOS, I began downloading (less than 3GB) and was ready to play fairly soon. It started off with a small-ish windows start menu, and from there I was able to select the options. I selected 3840x2160 full screen mode, and soon I was up and playing. First place I went was the Training mode, and had a go with keyboard and mouse. Not so bad, but decided to try gamepad instead, and that was definitely working out better for me.

Then connected a second gamepad (Xbox 360 wired controller) and played split-screen with a friend. Working very nicely indeed, good frame rate, controls responsive. Took some time before getting used to the play and the controls. I found the game play nice and responsive, once I was playing better. At the start, I was all over the place.

Got Rocket League, decently cheap on the Humble Monthly subscription, a few month's back. I'd heard it was due to come to Linux (Actually, the messages were hinting it'd be out end of July, so I've been expecting it for a while). Still, finally it is here. My "Windows Only" and unused Humble Monthly Steam copy of Rocket League is now no longer "Windows only" and I'm able to enjoy it on my preferred operating system (Debian Linux).

The pair of Xbox 360 wired controllers were detected fine by the game, and ready to use with no fiddling around. I was actually impressed at how seamlessly they were just up and running.

Sadly it looks like Shadow Warrior 2 won't be a day-1 Linux release
6 September 2016 at 9:45 pm UTC Likes: 1

My first posting on your site. Just spotted that Shadow Warrior 2 on Humble Bundle is listed as having Windows, Mac, Linux steam-key versions. Here is the link:

Now, I realise that it is a pre-order, and it doesn't mean there'll be a Linux version on day-1 but it is still promising. The release date is listed as 13th October 2016 on HB.

Looking forward

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