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Latest Comments by ison111
Ion Maiden has become Ion Fury, release date announced for August 15th
12 July 2019 at 4:38 am UTC Likes: 1

What a bunch of crap.
Even if it is just the producer doing it was Ion Maiden really even that big of a game?
I just don't understand the logic here, there is no way they were ever going to make that much money off a lawsuit like this right? At least nothing that a big music producer should consider significant.
And they're definitely not picking up any new fans by doing it either. If anything they'd lose some.

It just seems so random. But whatever, I won't pretend I understand all the ridiculous nuances of the business world.

I'm glad to see them just moving past it though.
It's nice when at least one party in a dispute can be civil about things.

Valve have released the full details of the Valve Index VR system, limited pre-orders tomorrow
30 April 2019 at 10:50 pm UTC Likes: 4

Purple Library GuyConsidering how long people have been fascinated with the stuff I don't think you can call it a passing fad. It's been decades now.
But I do have this feeling that eventually, when they finally get it working just how they like it, and the price comes down, and there are no more excuses . . . it will turn out to be not particularly great for most purposes. A solid and quite cool niche, but a niche nevertheless, not a takeover.
I see VR being able to find a niche in FPS gaming quite easily. Although I've never tried VR myself yet.

But I've felt that way ever since I saw a demo video where someone was throwing grenades in VR, and they had full control over how far to throw it, and could even toss one over their shoulder.

I can see that level of detail being taken advantage of to create entirely new levels of skill needed in FPS games.
Ever notice how complex some of the gun reloading animations are in some games? Well what happens if those animations are no longer just animations and you have to actually put the clip in yourself while being shot at.
>lol check out this n00b who doesn't know how to properly reload that gun
Or as another example peeking around corners, or shooting from behind cover no longer have to be programmed in as special game features, you'd get them for free and they'd be much more natural and fluid.

There's just too much potential for VR in FPS games in my opinion for it to not become a big deal in the future.
Of course, most of what I said is really about the controllers and not so much about the VR headsets, but if you're moving around you probably do want a screen strapped to your face too.

You can now easily run the Epic Store on Linux with Lutris, Epic suggests applying for a grant
22 April 2019 at 10:54 pm UTC Likes: 4

I gotta say that I give Valve more benefit of the doubt because the origins of the steam store never seemed dubious to me. And even amidst Valve pushing their business model they didn't seem to abandon their previous fanbase.

This might sound silly to most people, but I actually spent years with my head under a rock just happily using Steam on a daily basis and never realizing how big it got.
And THAT speaks volumes about how Valve handles itself, doesn't it? I never realized how big they got because I never felt their newer business models creeping in on their older territory. I didn't have to re-buy non-steam games, I could just "activate" them in the steam store. I never felt pressured from Valve to change what I was doing. They continued to support their old games, and they continued (for a while) to push out some new games targeted at their original fanbase which were pretty true to the original games for the most part.
Their games also seem to be genuinely made for the sake of being fun, as opposed to a lot of modern games coming out today that just feel like a cash grab.

Epic, on the other hand, seems to be doing it the other way. They're showing all the signs that they won't be giving a shit about their original fanbase from this point on, and they're showing a lot of red flags for not even caring about gamers in general. They made big bucks by catering to the largest, dumbest, audience to play it safe.

To me that's a sign of developers who care more about charts and statistics than about me. And this goes beyond just GNU/Linux support. Even with Windows only support they're still just throwing up tons of red flags and I think everyone wants to just pretend those flags aren't there these days. We make excuses for companies like "they need money" but game development companies got on just fine for years before any of these shady business models existed in the first place (and they made better games too )

The Culling, one of the first Battle Royale games on Linux is shutting down
19 March 2019 at 11:19 pm UTC

scaineI enjoyed it for the few hours I played, but was confused by the whole block/push/hit melee combat. It felt literally like playing rock/scissors/stone and winning was pure luck. There was also a general lack of "big" weapons. I liked the resource collection piece and calling in support drops though. It had a lot going for it.
I actually thought it was neat. But the problem I saw with it was that ping made a HUGE difference. If a player knew how to take advantage of it and went up against someone with a significantly higher ping they could almost never get hit. That's what made me stop playing.

Zero G Arena, a zero-gravity 3D arena shooter that’s genuinely fun gained Linux support recently
31 January 2019 at 1:52 am UTC

I think I skimmed over this game yesterday and didn't think much of it, but now that I actually give it some attention it looks pretty neat. I think I'll grab it and check it out.

The "Heskel's House of Horrors" update for Ion Maiden is out now
24 January 2019 at 4:08 am UTC

Awesome. Will definitely check it out soon.

Elteria Adventures, an open-world RPG MMO plans Linux support and it looks very interesting
6 January 2019 at 11:33 pm UTC Likes: 1

This looks great! It's nice to see some new ideas in an mmo.

Erik Wolpaw, one of the writers of Portal and Half-Life: 2 episodes seems to have returned to Valve
6 January 2019 at 1:52 am UTC

My guess is they're working on L4D3 with VR, and possibly portal 3 with VR.
We know they want to do stuff with VR, and those games would just be too perfect for them to not do it (especially L4D).
If there's any games Valve has in its arsenal which could be given a VR version and make everyone have to seriously stop and consider buying a VR headset it would be L4D and Portal in my opinion.
(Also HL3 would do the trick too of course, but I've given up hope on that).

Valve have some serious competition, with the Epic Games Store being announced
5 December 2018 at 6:24 am UTC Likes: 3

YoRHa-2BExcept there's this tweet which is basically a big fat "Nope".
So basically the CEO of Epic right now thinks the only reason people use GNU/Linux is for political reasons? Why is it always the most clueless people who end up in positions of power?
I know it's just an analogy but I cannot imagine someone making a comment like that if they thought people were using it for technological reasons.

I'm sure there are more intelligent employees at Epic, but as long as this guy is CEO I doubt we can count on them for much. I'm not sure I'd even be surprised to hear one day that they drop support for GNU/Linux in UE4. They sure don't seem keen on fixing any of our bugs, and they themselves won't build their games on our platform. So it stands to reason that getting complaints about problems from developers who _are_ supporting our platform is probably seen as an annoyance.

Zombie Panic! Source, the free survival-horror FPS now has a Linux beta available
2 December 2018 at 8:05 am UTC Likes: 2

PatolaWhat makes it different from Left4Dead2? (besides being free, of course)
The game mode is different. I don't know if the mode has an official name but I always call it "survival mode" after its name in AvP2. The basic idea is that almost all the players spawn on 1 team and only a few spawn on a 2nd team (chosen at random at the start of each new round). As players from the 1st team die they respawn on the 2nd team.
In this case it's zombies, so as the round progresses and more humans die there are more and more zombies on the map.
You also spawn with very little to defend yourself and are very easy prey for zombies so the beginning of each round you have to collect weapons and ammo, and sometimes try to barricade yourself up in a safe place before the map is overrun by zombies.

Humans win if the zombies run out of lives, or if they complete an objective (depending on the map), and zombies win if all the humans die or the time runs out.

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