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Latest Comments by HadBabits
Sunless Skies to leave Early Access on January 31st, 2019 also now out is a free pen and paper RPG system
25 September 2018 at 2:13 am UTC

Does seem like a cool dude, if not a bit anxious about public speaking :B What little I saw beforehand hadn't really impressed me, since it just looked like a re-skin of Sunless Sea. And I do have love for Sea, and it's great to see where that fantastic world building comes from, but as he says it became a slog and I just coudn't continue; which is a poor way to end a game you want to love.

So yay!

No more big circles around the map!
No more tiny log book entries!
No more stretches of empty sea! (though I wouldn't mind some little stretches)
Battles that don't devolve into backpedaling and firing in the enemies face!

This might turn out pretty good

The excellent rogue-lite 'Streets of Rogue' now actually has an ending
21 September 2018 at 2:16 pm UTC

At long last! After 57 hours of play I can finally end a playthrough without blowing up from the last teleport

I hope they do something with the traits and rewards, because I think it's too easy to rack up a bunch of chicken nuggets and buy all the things. I also think a lot of the smaller items get overshadowed too quickly in favor of getting the good stuff first. Maybe if they created challenges to complete to unlock items (e.g. Pickpocket every kind of NPC in a single run for the safe buster, blow up 100m of walls for the rocket launcher, etc.).

PlayStation 3 emulator 'RPCS3' is coming along nicely with some major improvements
21 September 2018 at 2:04 pm UTC Likes: 6

Good stuff You can't stop piracy, but you can preserve history for future generations; and not just the titles the publishers deem 'worthy' of a $60 remaster.

Aspyr Media have announced a Layers of Fear and Observer bundle making them cheaper together
19 September 2018 at 2:20 am UTC

Curious about Observer, but I wasn't impressed with Layers of Fear. The "Turn around and something's happened" thing gets old after a couple hours :B

Valve officially confirm a new version of 'Steam Play' which includes a modified version of Wine
23 August 2018 at 1:48 am UTC Likes: 3

SwiftpawUntil the Linux/SteamOS icon is shown on a game, it has no official Linux support, you have no guarantee it will run, and you have no right to post negative reviews when it doesn't.

You'll still have a right to a refund on Steam, provided it's within 2 hours of game time; which should be enough time to test most games.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night delayed again, this time until 2019
21 August 2018 at 5:14 pm UTC

Hoping for the best, though I don't know how I feel about the art style yet. Seems like 2D would be cheaper and I don't really see what 3D adds to the game; just seems like more things could go wrong.

Even so, as long as the gameplay's good I can't turn down a new (not) Castlevania

Valve may be adding support for using compatibility tools for playing games on different operating systems
15 August 2018 at 5:10 pm UTC Likes: 9

I always find the WINE paranoia bizarre. Rather than worry about the devs, think of the users. If the process was streamlined, I mean we're talking Steam here, than that would likely bring in a good chunk of users on the fence. More users means we become a more viable market, meaning devs will have to stop treating us as 2nd class consumers, meaning more properly supported, native ports.

Of course, this is Valve we're talking about, so no telling what this really is or when Valve will bother announcing it to us peasants

The Xenko Game Engine recently became free and open source
6 August 2018 at 4:40 pm UTC Likes: 2

Sounds like it could become abandon-ware in a year's time, at least to my cynical ear. But if you feel like supporting it, they do have a Patreon; currently sitting at $281 a month. It was only set up a few days ago, so who knows? Either way, I don't see anything wrong with giving some attention to a budding open-source community. Though it wouldn't hurt to add information about the current state of their Linux support to the article to avoid confusion

Zachtronics' next puzzle game 'EXAPUNKS' will have you writing viruses, announced with Linux support
19 July 2018 at 4:23 am UTC

I hadn't touched a Zachtronics game until Magnum Opus and got really hooked; definitely their most accessible and polished game I've seen. I'm still working my way through Shenzen IO, but DAMN if they don't put my mediocre programming skills to the test XD

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