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Latest Comments by HadBabits
FPS game 'STRAFE: Millennium Edition' has just added Linux support
28 March 2018 at 9:07 pm UTC

Has anyone gotten past level 2-1? I get stuck in the loading area for 2-2. Has happened 3 times, guess I'll wait for the dev to respond. It's a shame because the game's growing on me. Polished 90s shooter it isn't, but to paraphrase Yahtzee, it's janky relaxing fun.

Wine 3.4 released with more Vulkan support
18 March 2018 at 2:01 am UTC

LeopardYou are very optimistic because you are so much depending on Wine and use it extensively ( based on your reaction ) , you are just looking for every little thing to prove that is not a burden for native development.

So if we are done with Wine wet dreams , let's jump on to the facts.

I don't know if I said something to put you off, but you're coming off kinda aggressive? As I've stated twice in this thread, WINE isn't ready for what I'm suggesting yet, but I'm making a case for why improving it is good. The fact is I rarely use it and don't really like tinkering with it. That's why I look forward to the day when I don't have to.

Everything you stated as facts are actually speculation, which you actually contradict in the same comment. You give the example of a developer saying "We heard some people ran it on Wine!" as proof that WINE is bad for Linux gaming. But looking at the thread, it seems more like the dev is just suggesting WINE because they decided they're not doing a port, but not because of WINE. You also go on to say developers would never use WINE because they don't know about it, after giving an example of a developer who was aware of it?

In conclusion, I just want to make it clear that I'm not suggesting official wine-wrapped games is a viable thing right now. Rather, I was making an argument for why WINE is a good tool, and how we could benefit from it's continued development. I also want to point out I did mention other avenues to Linux ports, when I mentioned game engines adding Linux support, and I certainly do not think the future of gaming on Linux depends on WINE; just that it isn't threatened by it.


Wine 3.4 released with more Vulkan support
17 March 2018 at 11:34 pm UTC Likes: 2

LeopardIs depending Wine for gaming more and more , can be considered as Gaming on Linux? I don't think so , that is kinda similar to saying " Hey , i'm running Windows with gpu passthrough on my Linux box for gaming , so i'm gaming on Linux".

Yeah mate , yeah you are.

Yes? WINE is a tool to bring Windows software to Linux, such tools improving are a good thing, and it's not the only one. Consider how many major game engines have acknowledged Linux as a platform, making it easier to port. WINE could be used in the same capacity, another means to the same end: doing what I want on my platform of choice, which also happens to be the platform of choice ;B

Again, WINE hasn't reached the point yet where devs would trust putting out a version of their game through it, but if we get there I think that's rad. You could open Steam one day, buy and play a game advertised with Linux support without ever realizing it was a wine-wrapped game; sounds like a fine day to me

Wine 3.4 released with more Vulkan support
17 March 2018 at 10:50 pm UTC Likes: 1

jensI think you are wrong here. I guess you are correct that wine is not used on a lot of Linux boxes, but I'm sure that most people that play games on Linux are familiar with wine. Every dev with common sense will first investigate how people play on a certain platform before investing resources into it.

I'll concede on this point, as we are doing a lot of speculation here.

jensUnfortunately wine is progressing a little bit to well, especially with initiatives like dxvk. I guess Feral will stop porting games to Linux once their (upcoming) games are somewhat playable on wine with the windows version before Feral's release dates.

I still think this is a bizarre concept though. I mean, if WINE really did become 1:1 performance-wise that'd be fantastic. It would be yet another way a dev could deliver their game to our platform; I think the only reason we don't have 'wine-ports' now is that devs want to guarantee a degree of parity of performance, and we're not there yet.

Sure, maybe it would make a company like Feral obsolete, but markets evolve over time. Who knows, it might even make their job easier, if all they had to do was maintain quality wine-wrappers for devs. I know I certainly hate fiddling with WINE and would have no problem buying an official "Linux port" even if it's not native.

The developer of One Hour One Life on keeping games code & assets open and not launching on Steam
17 March 2018 at 10:34 pm UTC

(This is an on-topic comment for those searching )

What I think is interesting here is that people are criticizing the dev for not putting their game on steam, F.Ultra going so far as to say they can't be bothered to buy a game not on steam (And I relate!). This dev took a gamble, but then the odds weren't as they were; Inside a Star Filled Sky, their first game, launched alone on a Saturday on Steam, Castle Doctrine launched with 83 games alongside it. And I think his success vindicates his thoughts on the matter pretty well.

I actually think this is important, we've known for years that the PC market, supposedly the bastion of freedom, has been more and more dominated by Steam. We bitch that Steam let's any trifle in these days, but only now do I see that it may not just be negligence. As they broaden the scope their also moving in on more tiers of gaming. The stuff that was once free on sites like newgrounds, then maybe a few bucks on sites like, can now be sold right alongside the top tier stuff on Steam.

So even though it may impact whether I even buy the game, I do totally respect the dev for doing it. I don't know how we solve the Steam problem, but stuff like this gives me hope that there is still time to solve it

Wine 3.4 released with more Vulkan support
17 March 2018 at 9:55 pm UTC Likes: 3

LeopardThat worries me and also feels like a shitty move to devs whom put efforts into Linux versions.

This seems like a weird statement to me. Are you suggesting the WINE devs stop making progress? As you said, native games are obviously the easiest way to game, and it's probably the way the majority of the Linux crowd games most of the time. Of course there are folks like Mr Death Jr. above who dedicate a lot of time into it, Linux attracts hobbyists (And good on 'em ). However, I can't see that impacting porting decisions. Most Linux users probably don't use WINE on a daily basis. Most game devs probably won't even be familiar with it.

On the other hand there are people working hard on WINE so we can play games and use software that may never be on our platform natively, and that's pretty rad, yeah?

Shotgun Farmers, the FPS where bullets grow guns now has smarter AI
21 February 2018 at 3:37 pm UTC

It's a cute idea and looks fun. However, with the small following and Early Access I think I'll just wait for release to see how the harvest turned out

Sci-fi mystery 'The Station' has released, it’s a short but memorable experience
20 February 2018 at 11:52 pm UTC Likes: 1

callcifer...and also utterly regret a $15/20 hour one.

Ech, that brings Mad Max to mind. Probably had way more than 20 hours, but I wasn't sticking around to find out

That said, I do believe length is relevant, but out of context it's arbitrary. If I see 90+ hours of game advertised for a rouge-like that sounds fine; rogue likes never have a definite end so the longer the better*. But if it was a straight linear shooter I would be dreading it, as it probably demands larger chunks of time to get a proper 'session' in and frankly I can only stay invested in a plot so long.

*with exceptions like poor pacing and padding.

Murderous exploration game 'In Celebration of Violence' has left early access
20 February 2018 at 4:49 pm UTC

Played for almost an hour but ended up returning it. Aside from a freeze-up, the game feels so sluggish. The framerate itself stays above 60, but it feels like the game is in slow motion in combat; and this is after I turned the slow motion effects off!

Probably a decent game in there, but I already feel spoiled for good rogue-likes.

Sci-fi mystery 'The Station' has released, it’s a short but memorable experience
20 February 2018 at 3:17 pm UTC Likes: 1

Now that I'm an adult I do wonder where people get the time, and will, to play through such lengthy epics. Even now I'm without employment and I still can't push myself to finish Witcher 3. Took 3 goes for me to finish Bloodborne, as I always have to start over when I burn out and come back.

That said, when it comes to lighter fare like Binding of Isaac, Fistful of Frags, or Rogue Legacy I manage to surpass 100 hours without realizing it

I just bought Tacoma on sale and need to play it, I loved Gone Home. Maybe I'll check this game out after

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