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Latest Comments by Xpander
ARK: Survival Evolved is currently broken on Linux, water apparently fixed and ARK: Aberration released
14 December 2017 at 10:40 am UTC Likes: 1

ArdjeI see a game called The Isle but it doesn't advertise linux.
Looking in steamdb it actually has a build size equaling the windows build size.
I might buy a copy of that, and I might use the steamdb info to point out at wildcard that it's time to revisit vulkan again. They did a year ago, and it wasn't in a good shape then. If it is in a good shape now, it might be worth their while to upgrade the engine. That would be a big hell I guess as they now have a "very good" working network.
If they just postponed the release for another 2 years, nobody would be able to second guess an engine upgrade 8-D.

yeah they don't advertise linux version on the store page as its experimental. Well the whole game is.

EhvisA few months ago I was reading on the UE4 forums a bit about the state of Vulkan. My interpretation of what was mentioned by those trying it, is that it is terribly slow (which is still the case with DX12 as well as far as I know). It was suggested that the whole engine is simply not suitable to take advantage of these new APIs and needs a lot of rebuilding. This is of course the case for pretty much all engines (I don't think Croteam beat its DX11 scores with Vulkan yet), but I got the impression that UE4 did much worse. If this is correct, it may take years before UE4 is in a state to work well with Vulkan.

While the avg framerates are same with OpenGL rendering, Vulkan one didn't have graphical glitches and it was ovrall smoother with frametimes.

like i said, i tested it around 2 months ago, don't know if it has changed by now

ARK: Survival Evolved is currently broken on Linux, water apparently fixed and ARK: Aberration released
14 December 2017 at 12:16 am UTC Likes: 1

Ardjehe engine does not really support vulkan yet. Only vulkan on mobile, as they were contracted by Samsung to make this amazing vulkan demo to showcase the new API.
I think that was about it.
The support for DX12 probably is better than vulkan, while with vulkan they can achieve the same and have an enormous amount of targets... Especially if you realise that vulkan works starting from windows 7 and DX12 requires windows 10, and according to steam, windows 7 is the main platform
(Thanks China!).
Snail-Games is also Chinese, so they should push wildcard to support vulkan on windows 7.

How come they don't support Vulkan yet? There is a early access game called The Isle which has working Vulkan version on Linux. No issues last time i tested it (~2 months ago). Using UE4 ofc

ARK: Survival Evolved is currently broken on Linux, water apparently fixed and ARK: Aberration released
13 December 2017 at 2:24 pm UTC Likes: 2

PsychojauHi everyone. May I share another point of view with you ?

I'm working on an UE4 project. Since I've updated to 4.18.1 (I will try with last patch 18.2 but don't have big hopes), I can't even load the Editor with Vulkan (crash) or calculate the Lightmass (swarm agent crashed). okay, that's not perfect either on Windows where you can have nice BSODs when making the lightmass....
The real problem is the bad Linux support from Epic.
Do you know that we can't even use the launcher to download / compile some plugins for the editor under Gnu/Linux ? Oh, and if, as an example, you want to buy some trees or dungeon walls to an artist on the marketplace : too bad ! You can browser with your regular browser but not download ! You need the launcher !
I don't care about compiling (even if it's time consuming) but f**k ! They say they support Linux but it's not entirely true !

I understand your frustration but maybe Ark devs are not the culprit here... (or maybe they are, I don't know of course)

Thanks GamingOnLinux ;-)

they are, they still have old UE4.5 version, we are limited to opengl3.3, not even talking about vulkan but we dont have GL4.5 or anything. Visuals are broken and less pretty because of the older opengl version.
they give zero fucks... There are UE4 games that are out and working with Vulkan or Opengl4.5 just fine. So its no excuse. Also i think you are running non-stable release of UE4, so problems are expected.

In the Valley of Gods announced from Firewatch developer Campo Santo, confirmed to Linux
9 December 2017 at 1:17 am UTC Likes: 4

That is nice! Can't wait. Firewatch was amazing. The pacing was perfect, no story stretching or anything. I have high hopes for thisone as well. Hope they deliver same or even better experience with this.

I was recently a guest on the 'Destination Linux' show, check it out
4 December 2017 at 4:38 pm UTC

nice intervew never new about this podcast thing.

NVIDIA has confirmed a driver bug resulting in a loss of performance on Linux
30 November 2017 at 2:26 pm UTC

i still havent noticed any difference in performance with drivers 375.x to 387.34. Havent tested Deus Ex though, but Total War Warhammer wasnt affected for me. I specially installed the old drivers to test out if drivers are issue why Rust is performing poorly compared to the performance in late Summer. Its pretty painfull to go back to those old drivers on Arch Linux though, have to downgrade kernel and whatnot
Somehow i have a feeling that Pascal GPUs are not affected by this.. or maybe because i have 8GB of Vram so i wont notice the drop.

Third-person horde shooter 'Radline: Quarantine' now works on Linux, some thoughts & a video
30 November 2017 at 2:19 pm UTC

Seems to be asset flip also. I have seen this same underground parking lot level in countless other games Jim Sterling has been playing on his channel

The Linux-powered Ataribox Joystick has been revealed, looks delightfully retro and rather stylish
30 November 2017 at 9:46 am UTC

slaapliedjeDamn, I had replied to this, but maybe I never hit post? Anyhow, I was incorrect, and you are correct, only Edge gets the special deal, though I don't think it's because of HDCP. Except for 4k? Since technically 720P is considered as HD. It literally is a limitation due to stupidity. I'll have to see if there is a way to see what the PS3/4 gets, I sometimes watch Netflix on that.

Now I wonder if Amazon Prime has the same limits (since that's where I watch HBO/Showtime.)

PS3 has 1080p in their app, that i know from my friend. I don't have Gameconsoles myself. So i imagine PS4 has same.

The Linux-powered Ataribox Joystick has been revealed, looks delightfully retro and rather stylish
29 November 2017 at 10:41 pm UTC Likes: 2

slaapliedjeHa, I navigate and do that all the time with my steam controller. I lay in bed and watch Netflix, Plex, HBO, Showtime, etc. On my Linux Desktop. I currently have two 2560x1440 G-sync monitors, and yes I can generally tell 720p vs 1080p. HDCP only prevents thongs from displaying IF the program is trying to use it and it doesn't exist. With your logic, I would not be able to watch a 1080p movie that was ripped because the resolution is capped on any media. In fact, HDCP will completely black out media, not downscale it. I watch videos in 1080p on youtube all the time in Linux.. 480p looks terrible these days.

Edit: literally the only thing I have seen that requires HDCP is an officially licensed bluray player, which is why Linux will probably never have an officially licensed Bluray player.

Netflix is 720p capped though, you can check it when you have it windowed and press alt+ctr+shift+D
its only 4Mbps bandwidth also. Its so in Chrome, Vivaldi and Opera. Its not the worst, can live with that but 1080p would be much better.. i have 1440p screen also


As you can see thisone is even at lower Bitrate than 4Mbps, i have seen some at 4098kbps
but its 720p like seen from the picture. Everything is in netflix. Only Edge browser gets the special deal, netflix apps get special deals with 1080p and chromecast i think has 1080p capability also.
rest of the browsers are stuck at 720p.

Reminder: Update your PC info for the next round of statistics updates
28 November 2017 at 8:08 pm UTC Likes: 1

i use Arch also, and testing repos, never had issues with nvidia drivers
thatswhy i asked.. when 4.14 hit the testing nvidia driver modules were also compiled without issues.

edit: i dont install from nvidias website, just arch packaged drivers, which have patches for things like those.

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