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Wine manager Bottles has a big new release with major overhauls

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Managing various games and applications installed on Linux using Wine can be a hassle, and while there's stuff like Lutris available perhaps Bottles might be a better dedicated option just for Wine directly.

Version 2022.1.28 has rolled out, with an aim to make the experience more stable thanks to a whole new Wine backend. The new system is split across three components (WineCommand, WineProgram, Executor), that should allow for easy extensions to what Bottles can offer. One useful change with this is that you can run commands without other things interfering (like Gamescope and GameMode).

There's also now the ability to show / hide programs inside each Bottle, their new build of Wine (Caffe) is based on Wine 7.0 with support for the newer Futex2 code, an improved view with a search bar for installers like Epic Games and GOG Galaxy and some other minor features.

A bunch of bug fixes came in too like better Wayland support, fixed desktop entries, the Download Manager should no longer fail due to lack of a User-Agent and the backup import feature should work now too. A few other stability updates also went into it like a dependency issue being solved when creating a new Bottle.

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Dribbleondo Jan 28, 2022
This is...actually really cool. I might use this.
fagnerln Jan 28, 2022
Bottles is exactly what I want from a WINE launcher, but I never managed to work... lol
BlackBloodRum Jan 28, 2022
Oooh. This looks interesting!

Might be able to remove "PlayOnLinux" and replace it with this, which ironically these days I only use for one application, EAC which I require for putting my CDs on my computer (due to logs, cue file and such.. I just like a clean copy)
TheSHEEEP Jan 28, 2022
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This looks like a better Q4Wine.
Tim Jan 28, 2022
Quoting: TheSHEEEPThis looks like a better Q4Wine.
This is not alternative to q4wine. With q4wine you can use your system Wine, with Bottles you cannot and this by design.
MasterSleort Jan 28, 2022
Man, can we just appreciate how great the Linux and open source community is as a whole. I often forget a lot of the stuff that I use is fully or partly developed by people in their spare time, simply because they see a need and then share their work for free. It really is something we need to appreciate a lot more.

I think GamingOnLinux should probably have a section regarding much of the useful stuff and applications that are available for us for free and are open source. Often we hear about it hear on this amazing website, but only when we need the tools or tweaks do we actually care. At that point it is hard to track down that old article where it was mentioned.

It may also be useful for new gamers on Linux.

I can think of a couple of applications that could be in this section:

  • Lutris

  • sc-controller

  • Bottles (this)

starfarer Jan 28, 2022
Only recently did I find out about bottles and man is this awesome. Wine also worked so-so for me. Sometimes I was lucky but most of the times it didn't work at all and I had no idea why or didn't have time to figure it out.

Bottles on the other hand is so easy to use.
Comandante Ñoñardo Jan 28, 2022
Where is the *.appimage file of this version?
braiam Jan 28, 2022
Quoting: Tim
Quoting: TheSHEEEPThis looks like a better Q4Wine.
This is not alternative to q4wine. With q4wine you can use your system Wine, with Bottles you cannot and this by design.

But you can. Search in the list of wine for sys-wine.
inlinuxdude Jan 28, 2022
Been using Bottles for several months for Magic the Gathering Arena... It's been great.
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The comments on this article are closed.