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Natural Selection 2 updated, new game mode available and a free weekend

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Natural Selection 2 [Steam] is the RTS/FPS hybrid that's pretty damn fun and it has just been updated. You can now get a new game-mode from the Steam Workshop and the entire game is free to try all weekend. Not only is it free all weekend, it's also on sale at 50% off.

Thanks to this, the player-count online has spiked quite nicely!

The new game mode available is called The Infected, it's a race against time to repair the air filtering system, but be aware, a team mate is already infected. It sounded amusing, so I wanted to give it a go, but sadly it doesn't seem like any servers are running it, as the option to go right into a game with it never found any matches.

The normal matches have plenty of people playing online right now, so I did manage a few normal games and it's working really nicely.

I remember a while back the game was badly unstable on Linux, but I didn't have a single issue this time and it was really quite fun. It's a damn good looking game too, I forgot just how beautiful it was. Frantic too, with aliens crawling about everywhere.

The developers noted they are still working away on bringing the game over to 64bit as well, so there's that to look forward to.

There is also a revamped Training Menu, to make it more useful for new players.

Full details on the update here. Article taken from
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rkfg 29 October 2016 at 3:08 pm UTC
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Just a heads up, they recently introduced a new skill system called Hive 2 that uses an algorithm that powers machine learning. Because of that now you're much likely to have an intense and longer round, not a one-sided massacre. In the end of the round Hive assigns per-player skill points (instead of an equal amount for each player in each team) so sometimes you can have several hundreds points and the other time you get none because Hive predicted the outcome correctly. So now your skill (if I got it right) only changes if you won or lost against the odds and that's why your win/lose ratio should go closer to 1 and you'll have much better time playing the game.

Despite the overall low player count compared to bigger popular competitive games, you'll have no problems finding a server with people and I actually see new faces every day. Many people say it's a dead game but it's very alive and kicking, also people are almost always good and just plain fun to talk to. Very rare you'll meet a toxic or misbehaving player.
rkfg 29 October 2016 at 7:08 pm UTC
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Also, that new game mode is totally cool and addictive. Go check it out, a lot of players are playing, look for the servers in the Arcade tab. I'll tell you the rules so you wouldn't have to figure them out all by yourself and ruin your first games for other players:
1) first 30 seconds friendly fire is off;
2) then one or more marines become the infested, friendly fire goes on;
3) infested see everyone on the map and through the walls, marines only see in the line of sight;
4) infestation spreads around the resource towers and kills them so as a marine you have to burn it and weld the towers, as an infested you could either burn it when someone sees you or leave it alone as it helps you to win;
5) to infest get real close to a marine so his outline becomes red and press the alt-fire button (right click by default);
6) as a marine, if you kill another marine you both die, if you kill an infested you stay alive. An infested can't damage marines (and if it tries, it dies instead), however if someone sees you damaged they may question themselves if you're an infested or just got friendly fired by another marine out of suspicion;
7) being an infested, lie to the others that you go somewhere to clear the infestation but actually lurk in dark corners (to let the infestation kill as many RTs as possible) and also lure victims by telling them to check some place. Feel free to play meta mindgames of any complexity so that nobody trusts each other anymore;
8) dead players can't be heard or read in the chat by those alive so they can't ruin the game for the others;
9) if RTs are being damaged, the air quality goes down and when it reaches zero all marines die and infested win;
10) RTs are eventually destroyed if no one cleans them up and the pollution rate is increased then;
11) infested have to infest more people or they die of starvation;
12) if there are no infested left, marines win;
13) as a marine, don't get too close to the others and also don't let them get too close to you (burn them if they try). If the burned one was actually a marine you both die and can blame each other in the voice chat, however, if that was an infested you'll score some points;
14) so to effectively infest you have either to lurk or rush a marine when he doesn't see you or equips a welder, if you can't get to them just wait for them to die.

The game forces both teams to move and effectively prevents camping. Marines die if the atmosphere becomes too polluted, infested die of starvation so they have to run around constantly and encounter each other all the time. Rounds are pretty quick and fun, less than 5 minutes probably and NS2 is free to play for a couple of days so you have no reasons not to try it at least!

Last edited by rkfg at 29 October 2016 at 10:40 pm UTC
manero666 30 October 2016 at 10:46 am UTC
I tried it yesterday and it seems a fun and interesting game! unfortunately it freezes quite often on AMD and the map's loading time are super slow (but it may be my sometimes crappy connection).

Is this Unreal Engine 3? It looks like so to me..
rkfg 30 October 2016 at 10:56 am UTC
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manero666Is this Unreal Engine 3? It looks like so to me..
It's their own in-house engine called Spark.
Guest 30 October 2016 at 2:30 pm UTC
did they fix the loading time in general ?
rkfg 30 October 2016 at 2:45 pm UTC
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Some people say it still takes too long but for me it's very good. About 15 seconds or so after the initial loading. Depends on whether the game is installed on HDD or SSD.
liamdawe 30 October 2016 at 9:06 pm UTC
meggermandid they fix the loading time in general ?
Orginially it was horrific, but a patch ages ago reduced it by quite a lot.
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