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The 'System Shock' remake being done by Nightdive Studios has switched to Unreal Engine and they have said that Linux support 'is not in question at all'. You can find the official announcement here.

They have a brand new teaser video, powered by Unreal Engine:
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You can see the developer reply on their Kickstarter update here:
QuoteMac/Linux support is not in question at all. If you go to you'll see the Linux and OSX icon happily next to the other platforms. Still planning a simultaneous launch.

Unreal Engine doesn't exactly have great Linux support, as we are waiting on multiple titles coming to Linux that are having major issues with the Linux support. Hopefully this isn't wishful thinking from Nightdive. I do hope they regularly test the Linux builds.

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miro 2 Mar, 2017
I don't know system shock at all, but from what I have seen it is an insta-buy ^_^
buenaventura 2 Mar, 2017
I prefer Unreal over Unity, since Unity gives no access to tweaking for low end specs, while Unreal often lets me utterly smash the graphics to get smooth frames.

Edit: From a consumer perspective, this is.

Last edited by buenaventura on 2 March 2017 at 9:55 am UTC
Beamboom 2 Mar, 2017
Hmm - this doesn't bode well. Also, I think the explanation was a bit odd. The visuals on consoles? Is Unity that much worse on consoles than on PC? Cause what I see there in the video doesn't look like something Unity can't do? Looks pretty basic, actually.

Maybe it was recruitment that was the core thing here - easier to recruit Unreal-competent people?

Edit: This site needs a "comment delete" function. :)

Last edited by Beamboom on 2 March 2017 at 10:06 am UTC
Sslaxx 2 Mar, 2017
Quite a bit of negative commentary about how the game looks under UE4. More concerned about the Linux support - as you point out, Epic's support for Linux with UE4 is reluctant at best.
Eike 2 Mar, 2017
Quoting: BeamboomEdit: This site needs a "comment delete" function. :)

It does! There's a website that has timed delete, say for an hour or ten minutes or so, so you cannot remove old posts after they generated a discussion. Might be useful.
Pit 2 Mar, 2017
Does that affect DRM-free releases? I really hope not, I did like the Demo they have....
Tak 2 Mar, 2017
Quoting: buenaventuraUnity gives no access to tweaking for low end specs
It's there; it's just a matter of what the game developer chooses to expose.

Cybolic 2 Mar, 2017
Apart from the plastic look of the new trailer, I'm cautiously positive about the engine switch. The Unity3D demo had some fairly low frame rates and if Unreal Tournament is any indication, an Unreal Engine version could potentially run like a dream on Linux.
buenaventura 2 Mar, 2017
Quoting: Tak
Quoting: buenaventuraUnity gives no access to tweaking for low end specs
It's there; it's just a matter of what the game developer chooses to expose.

Yes, I guess that's it, while in Unreal you can chance texture sizes to 1 and disable almost all visual effects in the ini, things that developers generally do not expose, altough I wish they would! I would love games to have a "mega rock bottom" setting, even if it was totally unsupported, that removed almost all visual effects and doodads. Who needs them for games like Pillars of eternity or Tyranny, or Torment? Or XCOM2? I would play XCOM2 if it was ASCII art.

Edit: I AM playing XCOM2 with mega tweaked ini that makes it look like a PS1 game, and it is lovely. Still, the loading times are loooong.

Edit: in fact, Tyranny, PoE and Torment are the ones that annoy me the most in their needless graphix wank. I am playing BG1:EE now, and it of course runs FLAWLESSLY on my old laptop, really mega smooth, and literally ZERO loading times - as soon as I click on a transition, I am there - it's so much more immersive and lovely compared to playing laggy PoE with like 20 sec loading screens between every house. And I can hardly see any real visual difference - if anything, BG1 is more charming to me in it's graphics.

Last edited by buenaventura on 2 March 2017 at 12:00 pm UTC
Corben 2 Mar, 2017
Would be nice to see the demo also updated, so we can be sure they don't run into issues like EVERSPACE has run into.
I'm glad I backed System Shock and looking forward to play this game again. I can't play the original anymore, as the old graphics is really... to old for my eyes ;) But in my memories the game was really awesome with its atmosphere and story. Would really like to get this feeling again, exploring the station and stuff. The soundtrack of the intro still is a catchy song.
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The comments on this article are closed.
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