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Chronicon continues to be one of the best 2D indie action-RPGs around
8 May 2019 at 7:18 pm UTC

TapocoLIs this comparable to Hero Siege? I had fun with that game and it seems like there may be some similarities.

Oh actually, no online multiplayer probably means no go for me. As that is how my game group usually plays and how I would want to play this game.

Chronicon continues to be one of the best 2D indie action-RPGs around
8 May 2019 at 7:12 pm UTC

Is this comparable to Hero Siege? I had fun with that game and it seems like there may be some similarities.

Linux Game Jam 2019 is officially live, go make something cool
10 April 2019 at 6:41 pm UTC Likes: 2

GoboAny recommendations for copyleft tilemaps and spritesheets other than and Should I pick up a cheap Wacom tablet or are there better alternatives?

Humble Bundle is running a bundle for game dev assets right now: (I added gamingonlinux as a partner on that humble bundle link)

There is a license with the assets. I'm not a license expert. Though, it seems to be mostly restricting redistributing/selling the assets as your own work, but not really restricted on using them in your own media creations.

Risk of Rain 2 works very nicely on Linux thanks to Steam Play, it's also pretty crazy
3 April 2019 at 7:22 pm UTC Likes: 2

XpanderI have been keeping my eye on this game, looks fun, but whats the end goal for this game?. For me it seems fun for like up to 10-15 hours to just go and kill everything with friends, loot and gear up, but what is the progression there? Will the upgrades reset after you die and you start all over again? Is there some background story you can discover during gameplay? I never played the first one as i dont like pixel stuff usually.

From playing the first and seeing some streams of this second. It is rogue-like where you do lose all items and levels on death, however after each run you do unlock characters and have knowledge about what the items are for your next run.

GameHub is another open source game launcher, giving Lutris some competition
18 March 2019 at 8:13 pm UTC Likes: 5

Mountain Man"I hear you like launchers, so here's a launcher for your launchers!"

Has it really come to this?

We need a single client that can launch Lutris launchers and GameHub launchers.

There's some great Linux games on sale right now
21 August 2018 at 4:04 am UTC

Paradox Plaza (Paradox Interactive's Store) is having a sale as well:

Finally got Stellaris (60% off) and what a good game so far.

Islands of Nyne is one Battle Royale game that might get a Linux version in future
16 February 2018 at 9:45 pm UTC


A bunch of the posts that show there aren't even related ;)

I get it, people would rather see "x game confirmed" constantly, but I am personally excited by BR games. Apart from that one CSGO mod, no other has even said they're thinking about it. So to me, this is interesting.

If we highlight games were developers are thinking on it, it's also a good chance for users to let them know they're interested.

Wildcard did make a push for a while for a Battle Royale style version of ARK. However, it has mostly been abandoned as I remember reading comments about them wanting to re-focus the team on Ark: Survival Evolved full released.

I actually really enjoyed the mechanics in this Battle Royale, as you had some strategic choices in how you wanted to play to win the game. For example, you could go straight to taming a few really strong dinos (spino or rex). You could go the tech route and craft your way to good weapons. If you take out a tribe, their dinos are disowned and you could claim them for your tribe. So, strategically you could quickly tech to some decent weapons, then try to take out the players going the dino taming route before their dinos are fully tamed/strong.

I really hope some of these BR style games start incorporating more choices than find weapons, kill opponents. Like especially a crafting mechanism. I haven't played much in this genre though since almost all aren't on Linux. So who knows? Maybe I am just not picking up on strategic depth in the popular ones through streams/videos.

Oh yeah, also this game, but I didn't play it:

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