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GOG are revamping GOG Galaxy, to help you manage multiple launchers and still no Linux support
23 May 2019 at 10:26 pm UTC

Well, hopefully they reply. How hard can it be to port something like that, seriously?

Outer Wilds becomes another Epic Store exclusive for a limited time
12 May 2019 at 8:36 pm UTC Likes: 3

subIt's interesting that developers tend to argue Linux market is too small to be supported, but when it comes to crowdfunding, promising a Linux build seems to be worth (a lie).

My point is: when Linux is not worth to be supported why promising it in the crowdfunding campaign?
It shouldn't be a big thing, right? Or is the share of Linux funders typically disproportionately high?
I think it's simply in the hope they'll get some free cash. When they finally do release, they can just keep making excuses for why the Linux version isn't available, until the backers no longer remember or care, or it's impossible to get a refund.

Take Tower 57 for example. The AmigaOS4 version of it was released, but the Linux version never was. From my understanding the Amiga version was ported by a different developer that they paid. They haven't even really given much on 'why there is no Linux version' to backers, and it's been released a year and a half ago.

Action-RPG 'Last Epoch' beta released and now available on Steam
9 May 2019 at 4:51 pm UTC

Cool, when I get some time I'll do that. It was as if it didn't know where the mouse cursor was.

Action-RPG 'Last Epoch' beta released and now available on Steam
4 May 2019 at 6:02 am UTC

Wow, I really wanted to play a Diablo like game, but bought this sort of foolishly, the menus don't even work right so couldn't even start a game. It's fairly buggered at this stage.

Valve have released the full details of the Valve Index VR system, limited pre-orders tomorrow
2 May 2019 at 3:07 am UTC

OrkultusMight as well just buy the Sony PS4 VR, and play with that on linux.
Ha, I have one of those (because it's more straight forward to watch 3d Blurays on it) but how do you use it in Linux?

Valve have released the full details of the Valve Index VR system, limited pre-orders tomorrow
1 May 2019 at 7:29 pm UTC Likes: 1

I figure I am going to sell my Vive and Vive Pro set up to someone and I ordered the full Valve set up. Been waiting for the controllers forever, and hoping this will fix the issues I have in Linux. I am wondering on the comfort level, since I always replace the sweat sponge with the third party face gaskets.

After suggesting a developer drop Linux support, Vivox have released a statement
1 May 2019 at 3:50 pm UTC Likes: 6

This should just be a sign that developers should make sure their middleware aren't made by shitheads.

Valve have released the full details of the Valve Index VR system, limited pre-orders tomorrow
1 May 2019 at 4:40 am UTC Likes: 2

DerpFoxThe full pack should have been at 500€ MAXIMUM to be interesting. And at that price it would still have been really expensive. And a good price would have been 300€.

I agree! And my house should have cost no more than €10000, because that would have been a good price!

No, its just a comparison with the other products in the VR segment that are here or to come. 1000€ is way over priced where most of the other VR sets are sitting between 300€ and 700€. At this point its not even a question of spec, the product just won't sell. Valve have invested so much time and money in that project and all the related games, if no one is buying its just a wasted investment.

At a 700€ price the HTC Vive already have great difficulties to sell. the best seller is currently the Playstation VR priced at 300€ and even at that price people think twice before buying one.

If Valve want to penetrate the VR market they wont make it at 1000€. 500 or 300 might seem low but that is were the others are. I have a couple friends who follow the VR news and they were until today hesitant on what they will buy as their next VR Kit. It was between the Oculus Quest set and the Valve Index. Now they have their answer they will go for the Oculus.

I'm sorry but Valve have already lost, I bet next year this time they will announce they stop production of the Index.
So let's see what you get with 300 for PSVR. Right now you can get a bundle with Moss and Astrobot (two games that are platformers, beautiful, but not really 'VR') and a Camera and the headset.

But that's now after it's been discounted, it was 400 originally. The Vive was originally 800, the Vive Pro (full set) is still 1200-1400! So for the Index being WAY better specced than the PSVR (by the way I now have a PSVR, Vive and Vive Pro, and the PSVR barely holds a candle to the Vive). But Valve has broken down the price for you, it's 500 just for the headset, just like the Vive Pro. So if I (already having the base stations) wanted just the headset and the controllers, it's 749 (which is probably what I'll get, though it might be nice to upgrade to the Base station 2.0 just so I can sell my old set.)

Anyone who thinks that HTC Vive is having a hard time selling is high. I can't seem to find current information, but it looks like the latest out there is that they sold 420k in 2016.

HTC is selling at profit on every one they sell. Not sure the same can be said for PSVR (I bought mine mainly because there are some weird hoops you have to jump through to watch 3D movies on the PC through the Vive, whereas it's built into PSVR now, but it's definitely not as nice as the Vive Pro. I haven't really tried any games yet (waiting for the Move controllers)).

Imperator: Rome from Paradox is out today with same-day Linux support (updated)
26 April 2019 at 3:28 am UTC

Played a tiny bit of the tutorial, 2080 RTX on PopOS 19.04 (nvidia 418.56 driver installed via repos).
Seemed to scroll just fine.

Steam Play just got two updates with 4.2-3 and 3.16-9, some great stuff included
23 April 2019 at 8:38 pm UTC

Debianeeryay! i wonder if Elite: Dangerous works now. >_> let the testing begin!

Elite: Dangerous is working with Lutris since a few Month to half a Year now:
Steam Play still fails at opening the Launcher

Here is some game play:
First time I ran it, it gave me an error (after adding Mono via the commands in the wiki link that was posted earlier. Then it launched and my textures were all missing in the menu. But then I launched it a second time (not sure if I rebooted first) it worked without error and loggied in and saw my cockpit in the spaceport. But it is hard to go back to a 2d screen after VR....

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